• Instructors

    Andy To
  • Skill level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner and want to take a deep-dive into editing in Final Cut Pro X.

  • What you get

    1.5 hours of learning

    + 10 segments

    + Bonus: follow Andy on a shoot in NYC

  • Learn To

    Confidently edit high-quality films in FCPX
    • Importing & Selects
    • Music & SFX
    • Color Grading Plugins
    • Best Export & Sharing Settings

What You'll Learn

In this lesson, Andy will walk you through his entire editing process in FCPX for creating high quality, captivating travel films on his phone.



Meet your Instructor!



While Andy's known for his mobile filmmaking setup, he's also got a handful of other cameras & gear he uses for his films.

Shooting in NYC


In this Bonus section, Andy takes you on a quick tour of NYC from the air to the streets and shows you a few of his latest techniques.

Organizing & Importing Footage


Learn how to import footage into FCPX and keep the quality as high as possible.

Making Selects


Andy teaches you how he makes selects in FCPX.

Music & SFX


They sound that sound is 50% of your film. In this section, Andy shows you where he gets music and SFX from and how to properly incorporate them into your project.

Helicopter Edit


Using the footage captured in the bonus section, Andy edits a video and shows you some of his techniques.

Color Grading


Andy shows you his two favorite tools for color grading. Color Finale & Filmconvert.

Exporting & Sharing


Andy walks you through his exporting process as well as sharing and resizing projects in FCPX.



Wrap up with Andy.

Shoot & Edit Like Andy

Andy To

Filmmaker from East Oakland, currently living in NYC.
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