• Instructors

    Colin Delehanty
  • Skill Level

    Level 3

    Made for rising photographers: You know how to use your camera, edit with Lightroom, and understand the basics of timelapse.

  • What You Get

    3 hours of learning

    + 25 segments

    + Lesson Guide PDF

    + 10% Moment Discount

  • Learn to

    Master an Astro Timelapse

    + Use a moodboard and a shot list to get what you need

    + Capture moonrise, waterfall, and day to night timelapses

    + Render a timelapse using the tools Colin uses

What You'll Learn

Colin is ready to take you on a timelapse journey - from developing and planning your idea to shooting and editing. He'll teach you some of his best tricks for field shooting and rendering along the way.



Welcome to the new timelapse workshop! We meet Alex & Colin and learn what they have in store.

Coffee Q&A with Alex


Alex & Colin sit down for coffee and go over some of Alex's questions about timelapse photography.

Intro to the Lesson


Colin introduces what he will teach in the workshop.

What is Timelapse?


The three key values you need to know before heading into the field to create a timelapse.

Camera Gear


Take a look at Colin's backpack and see what his go to gear is: cameras, lenses, and fast memory cards.

Timelapse Gear


Colin goes over special timelapse specific equipment you'll need. This includes tripods, pan-tilt heads, motorized heads, sliders, etc.

Support Gear


Take a look at Colin's accessory kit so you can be just as prepared as him for any situation.

Field Essentials


How Colin prepares for a shoot. This includes location scouting, moodboards, and destination guides.

Key Takeaways


The most important things Colin has learned from his seven plus years of shooting.

Motion Timelapse


Learn how to use a motorized slider and pan & tilt head.

Manual Exposure Ramping


How to manually control the exposure of your timelapse in the field.

Shooting Waterfalls with Motion


Using a longer shutter speed to capture motion in your timelapse.

Astro Timelapse


Join Colin in the field for a step by step tutorial on how to capture the best astro lapse.

Shooting Moonrise


Colin takes us on a moonrise shoot in Yosemite Meadows.

How to do a Lens Twist


Why twisting the lens can reduce flicker in a timelapse.

Day to Night Timelapse


Perhaps the hardest timelapses of all - day to night transition. Colin shares his approach and recipe to making a day to night timelapse.

Day to Night at Tunnel View


Using day to night timelapse to capture an oncoming storm.

Import Structure


How to import and organize your timelapse files.

Basic Timelapse Rendering


Rendering and stabilizing your timelapses using Adobe After Effects.

Advanced Timelapse Rendering


De-flickering your timelapses using LRTimelapse and Adobe Lightroom.

Editing Takeaways


What to remember when editing your timelapses.

Seeing Life in Timelapse


Using your imagination to find a timelapse subject.

Finding Purpose in your Timelapse


Questions you should ask yourself before starting a timelapse project.

Moodboards and Shot Lists


Using moodboards and shot lists to give your project creative imagination.

Production Schedule


How to set up a production schedule so you don't miss a shoot.

Learn to make timelapses like this 👇 

Student Spotlight - Julia Nimke

Julia Nimke is a Travel, Lifestyle and Portrait photographer as well as former Adobe Creative Resident living in Berlin, Germany. In the past few years Julia has established herself as a brand who works with international clients by telling compelling stories and producing high quality imageries. Her body of work has been featured in numerous magazines such as Zeit Magazin, Time Out Magazine and View. Most of the time you'll find Julia on the road headed somewhere remote with her camper van. Her passion for nature and travel has a huge impact on her work and aesthetics.

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