• Instructors

    Miff workshop 2020 spenser sakurai lighting 048
    Spenser Sakurai
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner, ready to learn.

  • What You Get

    32 minutes of learning

    + 6 segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Create cinematic lighting.

    + Convey mood through lighting

    + Make films cinematic and professional

    + Shape and manipulate light

    + Craft a beautiful frame

What You'll Learn

Lighting is everything. In this course, Spenser Sakurai teaches you how to use lighting to make your films cinematic and professional. Convey your concept through mood and tone.

Miff workshop 2020 046


1/6 (2:00)

Spenser breaks down what cinematic lighting is, and how it’s used in movies.

Miff workshop 2020 013


2/6 (6:00)

It’s your first day on set. Don’t get caught fumbling over lighting gear and terminology.

MIFF filmmaker workshop 2020 Spenser Sakurai lighting 01

Lighting a Day Scene

3/6 (11:00)

Spenser runs through how to shoot in bright, well-lit conditions.

Workshop 2020 Spenser Sakurai lighting 02

Lighting a Night Scene

4/6 (6:00)

Shooting in dim light can be tricky. Spenser teaches you how to work with night time lighting.

Workshop 2020 Spenser Sakurai lighting 03

Essentials of Bouncing Light

5/6 (6:00)

Spenser teaches the art of using reflected light.

Miff workshop 2020 051


6/6 (1:00)

Spenser shares his final tips and tricks.

Spenser Sakurai

Spenser is a commercial cinematographer, with 10 years of experience.
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Miff workshop 2020 spenser sakurai lighting 048