• Instructors

  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You know how to work a camera and want to dive into the world of conceptual photography.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 9 learning segments

    + Field episodes from 3 exclusive shoots

    + Linus' process from start to finish

  • Learn to

    Plan, shoot, and edit conceptual photography.
    • Use lights and color
    • Shoot at night
    • Meter in variable light
    • Direct and pose models
    • Shoot like Linus

What You'll Learn

You'll learn how to develop your concept, execute an out-of-the-box shoot, and edit your final images.


1/9 (2:00)

Linus welcomes you to the course and gives a walkthrough of what skills you’ll come away with.

What is Conceptual Photography?

2/9 (6:00)

Linus introduces his own philosophy and teaches what conceptual photography is. Learn how you can start incorporating conceptual photography into your own projects.


3/9 (8:00)

In this segment, Linus covers what gear he uses to shoot conceptual photography, and what gear you should consider getting started.

Concept 1: Left Behind

4/9 (24:00)

Diving right in, join Linus on a daytime conceptual shoot with Jake Inez. Linus breaks down his own creative process, and shows you how to shoot out-of-the-box images.

Concept 2: Projector

5/9 (47:00)

In this second concept, Linus shoots indoors during nighttime with artist SIM BEX. Learn how to direct talent and work with creative light. (Spoiler: Linus breaks out his signature spotlight.)

Breaking Down Linus' Favorite Photos

6/9 (16:00)

Sit down with Linus and he takes a look at his favorite photos and breaks down how he made them as well as the concepts that inspired them.

Concept 3: Broken Down Van

7/9 (37:00)

In this third concept shoot, Linus shows you how unusual props can elevate the mood of your images. Join Linus on an outdoor nighttime conceptual shoot with Tatyanna.


8/9 (18:00)

Time to edit. Linus teaches you how to simply edit film, digital and phone images in a way that enhances the photo while maintaining the raw image’s best qualities.


9/9 (3:00)

Linus wraps up the course with some final thoughts and learnings.


Film photographer, born and raised in Raleigh, NC. Linus primarily shoots sci-fi, conceptual, and experimental portraits on film.
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Linus smiling and holding up a strip of film negatives