• Instructors

    Caleb Wojcik
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You’re brand new to Premiere Pro or you want to go back to the basics.

  • What You Get

    Over 7 hours of learning

    + 75+ learning segments

    + 10 Modules

    + 10% Moment shop discount

  • Learn to

    Import, sequence, edit, and polish a video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

    + Navigate the software, workspaces & multiple monitors

    + Import files, sync video & audio, and create multi-cam sequences

    + Edit a first draft quickly with text effects, warp stabilization, and keyboard shortcuts

    + Use audio workspaces for mixing, transitions, effects, and layering volume levels

    + Color correct and grade your footage

What You'll Learn

10 Modules, 75+ Learning Segments.

Module 0: Let’s Get Started

1/11 (1:54)

Caleb Wojcik welcomes you to the course and gives you his recommendations for working through the lesson modules.

Module 1: Introduction

2/11 (48:35)

Time to get set up. In this module, Caleb helps you determine which Adobe Creative Cloud membership to join, how to set up your editing desk, configure your workspace, and utilize multiple monitors.

Module 2: File Management

3/11 (36:06)

In this module, learn how import & organize files, how to make and link proxy files, fixing offline media, saving projects, saving hard drive space, and using Adobe Premiere Pro CC with multiple editors.

Module 3: Basic Video Editing

4/11 (1:34:41)

Ready to dive into the fun part? We’ll start editing our video sequences, syncing video and audio files, creating multi-camera sequences, inserting b-roll, and building a first draft quickly before exporting.

Module 4: Advanced Video Editing

5/11 (50:56)

Now that you know the basics, this module starts to get more advanced with the editing tools inside Premiere Pro like warp stabilizer, masking & blurring objects, speed changes & reversing clips. You'll also learn how to customize keyboard shortcuts and edit faster.

Module 5: Audio Editing

6/11 (51:31)

Half of any good video is great audio. In this module, learn how to do audio transitions, add effect, layer dialogue with music & sound effects, and record voice overs directly inside Premiere Pro.

Module 6: Graphics

7/11 (29:10)

In this module, Caleb shows you how to create titles, text effects, and graphics from scratch or by using built-in templates. You'll also learn how to make handwritten graphics on an iPad and import them into Premiere.

Module 7: Color Correcting & Grading

8/11 (1:24:37)

In this module, we’ll dive deep into color correcting and grading using the Lumetri Color panel, learn how to read vector-scopes, waveforms, and histograms, and fix white balance shift. You'll also learn how to install & apply LUTs, and key for green screens.

Module 8: Using Other Adobe Apps

9/11 (15:40)

Level up your video editing game by using other Adobe apps. In this module, Caleb demonstrates how to use Adobe Audition to improve your audio or lengthen a song, link to After Effects for motion graphics work, and import Photoshop file.

Module 9: External Software

10/11 (15:19)

In this module, Caleb shows you how to take it even further. Explore how to integrate some of Caleb's favorite applications outside of Premiere into your workflow that are helpful for syncing multiple cameras quickly (PluralEyes) and doing more advanced color grading (DaVinci Resolve).

Module 10: Wrap-Up

11/11 (2:13)

Caleb closes out the course and recommend some next steps in your Adobe Premiere Pro CC journey.

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