• Instructors

    Corey On Film 2
    Corey Wolfenbarger
  • Skill Level

    Level 2
  • What You Get

    3.5 hours of learning

    + 9 Segments
    + 10% Moment Discount

  • Learn to

    Shoot Beautiful Landscapes on Film
    • How to properly expose landscapes on film.
    • When you should use Medium Format vs 35mm.
    • The pillars of what makes a lasting landscape photograph.
    • Bring your film images to life in the edit.

What You'll Learn

Join film photographer Corey Wolfenbarger on a road trip across California and learn his entire process from film gear, to settings, to how he edits.



Who is Corey Woflenbarger? In this section, you'll get some context into how he got started and why he prefers shooting on film.



Over the last several years Corey has bought and sold countless film cameras, putting each of them through rigorous tests in the field. He's now solidified his favorite set of gear & film stocks and in this section, he'll walk you through it all.

Death Valley - Mesquite Flat Dunes


In this shooting section, Corey arrives at one of his favorite locations in California, Mesquite Flat Dunes. He'll hike up to the top of the otherworldly sand dunes for Sunset & show you some of his go-to settings & techniques.

Death Valley - Zabriskie Point


Sometimes capturing that banger photo you've seen of your favorite destination is alright, but it's also great to look for something unique to stand out. In this section, Corey shows you how to diversify your work when you're at iconic destinations with countless other photographers.

Alabama Hills


Shooting film is all about trial and error, some times things don't always go as planned. In this section, Corey will take you on a shoot at Instagram-famous Alabama Hills and walk you through the realities of being a film photographer.

Trona Pinnacles


For landscape photographers, it's all about chasing light and in this section, Corey races against time as he seeks to capture as many compositions possible at this mars-like landscape.

What Makes a Good Photo


In this section, Corey will break down several key variables that he believes will help create an image that will leave a long-lasting impression.

Editing Film Photos


In this hour-long section Corey will walk you through his entire editing workflow both on desktop and on mobile. He'll show you tricks and techniques geared specifically toward editing film photos.

Key Takeaways


To sum the entire lesson up, Corey will walk you through some key takeaways to take with you as you end this lesson and continue your film photographer journey.

Corey Wolfenbarger

Based out of Tennessee, Corey travels often to capture his signature minimalistic landscapes photographs.
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