• Instructors

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    Sam Elkins

  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You’re new(ish) to photography but your friends think you're great at taking photos. You've been learning the fundamentals and now want a little more direction.

  • What You Get

    80 minutes of learning

    + 10 segments

    + 3 Mobile Presets

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn

    How to shoot pro level photos with your iPhone

    + How to read the light for better phone photos
    + How to shoot in harsh light
    + How to compose amazing portraits
    + Essential apps for amazing mobile photography
    + How to shoot beautiful landscapes
    + How to edit phone photos on mobile

What You'll Learn

Sam will teach you how to take incredible photos on your phone. He runs through the technical aspects of shooting on an iPhone as well as his process for setting up and shooting amazing images.

1 Intro 00 03 33 18 Still001 1 Intro 00 03 33 18 Still001 | placeholder

Intro to Phone Photography

1/10 (2:48)

Welcome! Let's get started. We're in Central California, which will serve as our backdrop for all our shots: portrait, lifestyle, landscapes, and shooting in harsh light. First though, you'll meet Sam and learn why he loves shooting on his phone.

2 Phone Walkthrough 00 00 51 05 Still001 2 Phone Walkthrough 00 00 51 05 Still001 | placeholder

iPhone Walkthrough

2/10 (5:46)

A major component to great photos is understanding your gear. This section dives into the technical aspects of apps and gear for s...

3 Understanding Light 00 08 53 05 Still001 3 Understanding Light 00 08 53 05 Still001 | placeholder

Shooting in Harsh Light

3/10 (12:24)

You hear a lot about golden hour, but what about high noon? Sam walks us through why shooting in harsh light looks better on a pho...

4 Shooting Landscapes 00 07 18 14 Still002 4 Shooting Landscapes 00 07 18 14 Still002 | placeholder

Shooting Landscapes

4/10 (25:36)

The camera that fits in your pocket packs a punch when it comes to capturing stunning landscapes. Sam will walk you through the be...

5 Essetinal Apps 00 01 23 10 Still001 5 Essetinal Apps 00 01 23 10 Still001 | placeholder

Essential Apps

5/10 (8:44)

When shooting on mobile, stepping your app game up is essential. Sam will run through the best apps for editing, location scouting...

6 Shooting Portraits 00 02 52 13 Still001 6 Shooting Portraits 00 02 52 13 Still001 | placeholder

Shooting Portraits

6/10 (16:18)

Most often, you’ll be capturing photos of people. This section goes into the best practices for capturing beautiful portraits. Sam...

7 Shooting Lifestyle 00 13 44 04 Still001 7 Shooting Lifestyle 00 13 44 04 Still001 | placeholder

Shooting Lifestyle

7/10 (18:37)

Join us on the sand in Pismo Beach where Sam takes a commercial approach to shooting on his phone. Sam will take you through his p...

8 Mobile Editing 00 14 16 12 Still001 8 Mobile Editing 00 14 16 12 Still001 | placeholder

Mobile Editing

8/10 (18:43)

Now that the shoot is over, Sam is ready to show you how he edits. Using three of his favorite images from the trip as examples, h...

9 Conclusion 00 00 38 04 Still002 9 Conclusion 00 00 38 04 Still002 | placeholder


9/10 (0:39)

Wow. What a ride. We summarize the techniques taught and how you can apply them to your mobile photography. Thanks for watching, n...

Synced Sequence 00 15 16 12 Still008 Synced Sequence 00 15 16 12 Still008 | placeholder

BONUS: Photography with the iPhone 12


With the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Sam gives us some insight into what he thinks of the new phones and some of his favorite ...

Sam Elkins

Explorer and creator, based in LA.
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20 reviews from 0 Students
Cody Turner

You Gotta Love Sam

Sam's low voice is so soothing as he teaches us all the tips and tricks to take Mobile photography to the next level.

Friederike Wild

Hoped for more in-depth tech insights

The iPhone Walkthrough was exactly what I was hoping for but that was only 6 of the 80 minutes. The rest was mostly watching someone taking photos and seeing the results. It's more a motivational course than expanding on knowledge.

whitney olivares

so informative!!

I absolutely loved this course! all the tips were super helpful and I can definitely say that I am more confident in my photography. I highly recommend this to anyone who is starting out with the iPhone camera or simply needs more ideas on how to approach their phone photography

Devin Li

Great class!

It was encouraging to know that I’ve been doing things right when seeing how other successful photographers do their craft!

Travis Gerhart

Worth Every Penny...

I am an aspiring photographer and was trying to decide on upgrading my Sony NEX-5 to a much more expensive model or go with some Moment lenses for my iPhone 11 Pro. This course was great. My game is instantly upgraded :) I'm happy to say I went with the Moment lenses and a gimbal they offer. Excited to see what I can make of it!! You won't regret the class...easy to understand...entertaining to watch...very good!!

Pat James

S. Elkins

Great course giving some solid tips and guidance on using your phone to make fantastic photos.

Sang Hyo Lee

Nice course

Some nice tips how to shoot in different situations.

Oscar Moncada


The way Sam Elkins was able to go in depth with the iPhone introduction in the beginning made everything else so much easier and better to grasp as his knowledge of iPhone photography enlightened me and surely everyone else to get a better feel for the way Sam was about to teach and show us some top notch iPhone photography skills. Everything was great from the introduction, to the harsh lights, landscape shooting, the apps Sam uses, then to some phenomenal portrait shooting, vivid lifestyle shots, and ending it with some wonderful mobile editing. PURE genius that man is. Also, gotta show some love for the amazing, mesmerizing, modeling Taylor, a fan favorite of the Moment team and personally my favorite... sorry Niles and Caleb hehe. Anyways, I loved this Moment Lesson and honestly couldn't have learned that at a much better time as my family and I are going on a wilderness trip for a week. So, I can't wait to be out there trying all these new angles and insight and also eventually go broke buying more lessons and learning new techniques. Wonderful stuff from the whole Moment team and co. and I wish you all nothing but the greatest and I wish you all good health in these times, take care <3

Artem Kanaki

Good enough for the beginers

Great course, I suppose that it will be extremely useful for the beginners since it contains not that much of theory, but practice. I was surprised, but it was very helpful to see the photographing process though it will be also good to see more theory like "do like this and not like that because of bla-bla-bla"

Francisco Zambrano

Highly recommend this lesson

Sam did a great job describing every single process and the reasoning behind the decisions made. The lessons were easy to follow and understand. Great app recommendations and workflow walk through! I highly recommend this lesson. Looking forward to other lessons.