• Instructors

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    Jack Hollingsworth
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    While there is undoubtedly a little bit of content for everyone; beginner, intermediate, and expert - the core content is specifically shot, edited, presented, and aimed at those who have working intermediary skills in iPhone shooting.

  • What You'll Get

    1.5 hours of Learning

    + Talk you through the principles as well as walk you through the process

    + Explain the philosophy as well as the technology

    + Practically demonstrate both his shooting and editing techniques

  • Learn To

    Master iPhone Photography

    + Understanding your iPhone camera and what it can do

    + Immersing yourself in your environment and your craft

    + Shooting scenes and objects that are important to you

    + Noticing space, tone, colour; leading lines, and symbolism

    + Relying on emotion and empathy as much as apps and technology

What You'll Learn

In this lesson you'll learn to master taking stunning, manual photos on your iPhone.


1/19 (10:34)

Intentional iPhoneography: What it’s all about..?

Flat light at Nauset

2/19 (7:41)

Keep walking, keep looking

Direct light at Nauset

3/19 (8:44)

Computational Photography – a computer that sees like we see.

Botanics Windmill

4/19 (7:10)

Lenses – take your pick of three lenses on the iPhone Pro

Greys Beach

5/19 (6:34)

Leading Lines – what do they mean, and how should you

Fresh from the Vine

6/19 (7:55)

Using colour styles to enhance the colour red

Lobster Pots

7/19 (10:44)

Symbolism – the emotion behind the intention

Street Portraits

8/19 (10:15)

Taking portraits – more “yes”es than “no”s

Yarmouth Antique Centre

9/19 (12:09)

Vintage objects with a vintage flavor.

Dunes of the ProvinceLands

10/19 (6:20)

Better Landscape layering-foreground, midground, background.

Chatham Sunrise

11/19 (12:56)

Using foreground to enhance sunrise shots.

Stage Harbor Light

12/19 (10:27)

Front, side, back light – keep moving

Highland Light 1

13/19 (11:11)

Black and white and those three filters: Mono, Silverstone and Noir

Highland Light 2

14/19 (9:14)

Using angles and foreground

Dawn in Provincetown

15/19 (8:55)

The iPhone and low light


16/19 (10:50)

Jack’s editing process

STOP! (Outro)

17/19 (3:03)

Capturing that moment before it’s gone

Bonus: Do Not Disturb

18/19 (6:19)

Finding space for creativity

Bonus: Camera Settings

19/19 (6:21)

The settings Jack uses

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Jack Hollingsworth

Jack is an Austin-based author, speaker, influencer and leading expert in iPhone photography.
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Jack Hollingsworth Profile Picture New