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    Valentina Vee

  • Skill Level

    Level 3

    This lesson is for creatives who want to take their interviews to the next level with specialized techniques.

  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 7 sections, 21 episodes

    + 10% Moment discount

    + Exclusive interview tips

  • Learn To

    Light and conduct interviews like a pro.

    + Professional Lighting Setup & Techniques

    + Shoot Hosted and Non-Hosted Interviews

    + Multi-camera Shooting Techniques and Gear

    + Work with media trained and non-trained Interviewees.

    + Get crisp, clear sound.

What You'll Learn

In this lesson, you’ll learn shoot and conduct interviews like a pro.

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Section 1: Intro

1/18 (02:01)

Meet your instructor -- internationally-recognized cinematographer and lighting guru, Valentina Vee. Valentina walks you through the structure of the lesson and gives you all the info you need to dive in.

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Section 2 | Part 1: Hosted vs. Non-Hosted Interviews

2/18 (03:29)

Start by learning about two main types of interviews: hosted and non-hosted. You’ll learn the core differences, and when you shoul...

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Section 2 | Part 2: Static vs. Moving Interviews

3/18 (01:43)

If you’re shooting a hosted interview, you’ll need to decide if you want it to be a sit down or a walk and talk. In this section, ...

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Section 2 | Part 3: Shooting Angles & Media Training

4/18 (06:57)

Sitting someone down for an interview can be very intimidating, especially if they’re not media trained. In this section Valentina...

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Section 3 | Part 1: Planning Your Gear List

5/18 (01:17)

In this section you’ll go through the gear needed to shoot interviews. From solo shoots to having a small crew, Valentina will wal...

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Section 3 | Part 2: Shooting B-Roll

6/18 (03:38)

Depending on what type of interview you’re shooting, you’ll probably need b-roll. Valentina walks you through her methods of captu...

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Section 3 | Part 3: Choosing Your Camera

7/18 (03:00)

In a world full of cameras, Valentina makes it simple to choose which one suits your project.

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Section 3 | Part 4: Finding a Location & Framing

8/18 (08:51)

Valentina walks through a location and explains what she’s looking for when shooting interviews. Location is almost as important a...

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Section 3 | Part 5: Focusing Techniques

9/18 (01:30)

Are you one person trying to capture a two person interview? Are you the host and filming by yourself? Do you have a crew? Valenti...

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Section 3 | Part 6: Audio Tips

10/18 (01:00)

Valentina walks you through why she uses lavalier microphones and best practices for utilizing them.

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Section 3 | Part 7: Lighting

11/18 (11:15)

In this section, Valentina dives into lighting, her specialty and one of the most important aspects of an interview.

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Section 4 | Part 1: Researching the Subject

12/18 (4:09)

Preparing the content of the interview is crucial for a smooth scene on shoot day. Valentina shows you how to best research your g...

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Section 4 | Part 2: Prepping Your Guest

13/18 (2:23)

Your guests won’t always be professional interviewees. Valentina shares how you can avoid some of the common interview pitfalls by...

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Section 4 | Part 3: Prepping the Space

14/18 (03:57)

Lighting, backdrops, ambient noise… In this segment, Valentina shows you how to balance it all, and create a space that will help ...

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Section 4 | Part 4: Data Management

15/18 (02:09)

Organize, organize, organize. Valentina shares her data management best practices when dealing with footage.

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Section 5: How to Conduct an Interview

16/18 (07:33)

Show time! This section is all about what happens once the cameras start rolling, and how you conduct effective, professional inte...

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Section 6: Editing Your Interview (4 Parts)

17/18 (1:00:39)

Time to bring it all together. Valentina deep-dives into her editing process with Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn skills like timing, sy...

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Section 7: Conclusion

18/18 (00:57)

Valentina signs off with some final thoughts.

Valentina Vee

Hey, I'm Valentina, a director and lighting master. I'm based in LA, working on projects for screens both big and small.
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13 reviews from 0 Students
Christopher Oposnow

My favorite online course for video

How to Shoot Professional Interviews with Valentina Vee has been my favorite online course that I've bought. I've paid for online courses on Creative Live, Udemy, Master Class, and Lynda. I've enjoyed most of them but didn't feel they were providing value to justify the cost. Vee is an excellent instructor for me. The course doesn't get overly technical, which can feel toxic. But it also didn't swing in the other direction of magical thinking. Some other courses say you just have to believe in yourself. It's real-world lessons for professionals at all levels. I was a photographer in the Army Reserve in Los Angeles, but recently the military combined our responsibility with videographers. This course has helped me sharpen my skills to be proficient at my new job, and my supervisors noticed. I'm not working on any huge productions, but I'm producing respectable content that I'm proud of.

Roel Swierenga

All you want to know about making good interviews!

Amazing course to learn how to shoot professional interviews from a real pro. Thanks a lot!

David Murallo

Preparing for your interview

Great approaches to preparing for your interview. These total essentials Valentina does a great job going into depth on each method.

Rick Torres

Outstanding course with many insider professional tips!

Valentina shares exactly why she's flourishing in the Filmmaking/Creator space. Her knowledge and industry tips for lighting, shooting, interviewing and editing will help anyone looking to get started in their film and/or journalism careers. I thoroughly recommend this course.

Shayne Tillman

Amazing Content

I learned a lot from this lesson! She covers how to approach the interviewee, lighting, gear needed, and the editing side! Honestly one of the best lessons I've taken so far.

Justin McDonough

One of the GREATEST educators in the field.

Valentina is one of the most knowledgable people I've ever come across in the field of video creation (among other media as well). But the thing that really makes her stand out is that she has a gift for sharing that knowledge in a way that is both comprehensive and understandable. And to top the whole thing off, shes FUN too! This course was absolutely fantastic and Valentina and the Moment team have outdone themselves again.

vidya warrier

Love it!

So much detail squeezed into every single video - covering all kinds of scenarios and possible interview situations. Feel like watching the whole thing a couple more times to pick up on allll the nuances. But then again - can always trust that whatever Valentina puts out will be 110% , meeting expectations and more.

Kelsey Brannan

So much context! Love it :)

Valentina not only gives us the top-notch technical details, such as tips for how to light an interview and how to mic an interviewee, but provides so much historical context to her methods and explains why they matter. This is so valuable! For example, it was so interesting to learn about the Interrotron machine that helps interviewees, who are not trained media professionals, provide a great interviews directly down the barrel of the camera. And! She gave us the pros and cons for different types of interview setups, helping us decide which might be best for the production we are making. Thanks Valentina! ~ Kelsey, Premiere Gal

Lior Alon


I enjoyed viewing this course very much, found some insights that Valentina shared to be very useful and I'm definitely going to use them. It was very interesting seeing another point of view even for the parts I already knew, especially that it's coming from a professional like Valentina. Thank you :)

Kelli Ancar


I enjoyed the pace. I was using this course more for inspiration after a bit of some "Covid-closure downtime" and liked the tips and tricks as a good reminder.