• Instructors

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    Isaac Johnston

  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    Your friends think you are good at taking photos and you want to take the leap to doing freelance.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 19 segments

    + Downloadable lesson PDF

    + Exclusive knowledge

  • Learn To

    Become a freelance photographer

    + How to solve for the problems that “prevent” photographers from going freelance

    + Developing an audience outside of social media

    + Gear – what matters and what doesn’t to get started

    + Shaping stories through photo and video

    + How to build a creative community

What You'll Learn

Isaac Johnston teaches how to remove the barriers to working as a full-time creator. If you have been waiting for the right moment to start, this course provides the steps to go from your day job to your dream career.

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Meet Isaac Johnston

1/19 (3:54)

Meet Isaac: a full-time freelance photographer who specializes in adventure photography. He quit his job a couple years ago to pursue his dream, and hasn't looked back since.

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Problems Becoming A Fulltime Freelancer

2/19 (2:45)

It's important to know some of the problems you'll face as a fulltime freelancer: income, scheduling, self-doubt. Isaac covers som...

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The Tools I Use To Create

3/19 (21:29)

Choosing gear that you can use forever. Which drone to buy? Which lens to use? Isaac looks for the gear that gets our of his way s...

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How To Know If Your Hobby Should Be Your Profession

4/19 (5:10)

It's important to think about whether or not your hobby should become your profession, and if you have reached that point. Isaac l...

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Showing Your Work Daily

5/19 (2:55)

Showing your work daily is an immensely helpful routine in the creative process. It helps craft your own story, improve your craft...

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Getting Support

6/19 (3:05)

Becoming a full-time freelancer is not an easy process. So it's imperative that you build a network of support around you: family,...

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Handling Fear of Failure

7/19 (3:08)

The fear of failure is very real, but also something you can avoid. Mindset is incredibly important as you make this journey, and ...

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Creating Your Own Unique Value

8/19 (8:39)

Every creator has something unique to bring to the table. When approaching brands or clients, you need to know what your unique va...

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My Work Flow

9/19 (19:24)

Backing up, organizing files, getting ready to edit. It's a boring part of the photography process but it's crucial to master if y...

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How I Approach A Brand

10/19 (7:10)

To pursue a freelance career you’ll need to be able to get work. Isaac shares his approach to finding new clients and getting bran...

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How To Build A Proposal

11/19 (8:46)

Once you've been talking with a brand, it's time to send them your proposal. A good proposal can make you stand out and secure the...

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3 Strategies on Increasing Exposure

12/19 (5:01)

You don't need to have a huge social following to increase your exposure. Treat social media like its social. This is where a frie...

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How To Meet Artists You Love

13/19 (6:19)

Meeting other creatives is one of the best parts of the job for Isaac. He shares his philosophy about reaching out to other creati...

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How To Find Ideas

14/19 (7:54)

Creative blocks can be very real. But Isaac has created a tried-and-true method to coming up with ideas for photo shoots.

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My Techniques To Shoot Photos

15/19 (5:44)

Join Isaac in the field as he shoots a spec job for motorcycle gloves.

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My Strategies To Make Better Stories

16/19 (8:48)

Story is king. In this day and age it's ever so important to be able to tell a story well. Isaac shares his tips on how to make be...

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Writing Videos for the Internet

17/19 (7:56)

Crafting a video to tell a story is no easy feat. Isaac shares some of the things he learned along the way learning how to make Yo...

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How To Be Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

18/19 (6:08)

Being comfortable on-camera is an invaluable skill in today's culture. Isaac shows you some of his tips to acting comfortable and ...

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Final Thoughts & A Note On Obsession

19/19 (1:54)

Isaac recaps his final notes from the workshop and shares a few tidbits on obsession.

Isaac Johnston

Hey, I'm Isaac! I grew up on a farm in Montana and from a young age worked as a stock hand and guide in the Great Bear Wilderness.
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