• Instructors

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner and want to take a deep-dive into the groundwork of photography.

  • What You Get

    24.5 hours of learning

    + 29 Modules

    + Downloadable lesson PDF

  • Learn To

    Master the fundamental building blocks of photography.

    + Bring together the elements of manual mode to create an evocative image: shutter speed, aperture, and image composition

    + Choose the right gear and develop an efficient workflow

    + Recognize and take advantage of beautiful natural light

What You'll Learn

A comprehensive, interactive guide for beginners to the world of photography.


1/24 (0:23:33)

1 segment. Meet your instructor, John Greengo, and find out everything that will be covered in this course.

Camera Types & Camera Systems

2/24 (1:09:20)

5 segments. John teaches the different camera types you might encounter and the systems within each.

Shutter Speed

3/24 (1:01:15)

4 segments. Shutter speed is one of the basic three elements of manual photography. John teaches you how to use it effectively.

Camera Settings

4/24 (0:31:20)

3 segments. You'll learn what camera settings are best for each scenario based on light, movement, and subject.


5/24 (1:55:30)

4 segments. Learn what a sensor is, how the size impacts your photos and ISO, and how to care for it.

Focal Length

6/24 (0:56:02)

4 segments. Focal length is an important factor in the look your lens with produce. Before you start shooting, ask yourself what role you want depth of field to play in your shot.

Types of Lenses

7/24 (0:55:30)

4 segments. John goes over the different types of lenses, and the benefits or each.


8/24 (0:45:41)

4 segments. John teaches you how to adjust your aperture, and how the wideness of your lens will affect your photo.


9/24 (2:05:49)

9 segments. All about light. Learn how to balance exposures to create beautiful, vibrant, and well-lit photos.


10/24 (1:36:20)

7 segments. Nothing's worse than a blurry photo. John shows you the ropes of manual and auto focus modes.

Depth of Field

11/24 (0:27:15)

3 segments. Are you taking a portrait or a sweeping landscape? You'll learn how to change the depth of field for the desired look.


12/24 (0:22:43)

2 segments. Capturing movement in your photos may sound counter-intuitive, but this can actually be a phenomenal tool to take your photos to the next level.

Advanced Focus Techniques

13/24 (0:54:45)

5 segments. Learn how to calibrate your autofocus and perform advanced techniques like focus stacking. This section contains a quiz.


14/24 (1:27:21)

7 segments. Calling all gear-heads: John goes over the best tripods, lighting setups, and lens accessories.

Being a Photographer

15/24 (0:11:30)

1 segment. John talks about what being a photographer means to him.

Lighting Scenarios

16/24 (1:50:00)

9 segments. Learn how to direct and work with natural light -- both indirect and direct -- and lighting at all times of the day, including sunrise, sunset, and midday.

Flash & Additional Lights

17/24 (1:14:20)

6 segments. John talks about artificial lighting in studio settings as well as using flash to illuminate your subject.


18/24 (1:59:30)

9 segments. This is where the magic happens. Learn how to enhance and correct your photos' colors, remove distractions, and keep an organized editing flow.


19/24 (1:57:25)

8 segments. John talks about the most powerful composition guidelines and how they can make your photos compelling and complex. Learn how to utilize the Rule of Odds and frame your shots for success.

Multi-Shot Techniques

20/24 (0:31:45)

2 segments. Deep dive into some more advanced shooting techniques like pixel shift, time lapse, selective cloning, and noise reduction.


21/24 (1:05:07)

4 segments. How does the camera's view compare to the human eye? In this section, you'll learn about visual balance.

Other Elements

22/24 (0:24:30)

3 segments. John teaches some elements of design not yet covered -- how to use texture and negative space to your advantage, and when you should shoot black and white or color.

The Photographic Process

23/24 (0:34:10)

2 segments. Time to put the process all put together. John goes over the flow of thinking that goes into working a shot.


24/24 (0:07:02)

1 segment. John wraps the course with some final notes.


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