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  • Instructors

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    Gajan Balan

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    Reggie Ballesteros

    Veekster Bio Pic Veekster Bio Pic | placeholder
    Victoria Wright

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    Faizal Westcott

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're interested in photography and want to get the most out of your Fuji camera.

  • What You Get

    4 lessons & 4 live Q&A sessions.

    + 4.5 hours of learning

    + Commercial Lighting Diagrams

    + Best Fuji Recipes

  • Learn to shoot Fuji

    4 pros share their knowledge.

    + Camera features

    + Best Fujinon lenses/accessories

    + Best recipes for different settings

    + Button & menu customization

    + How to photograph commercial on Fuji

    + How to make portraits on Fuji

    + Street Photography on Fuji

4.5 hours of learning for only $99.

4 workshops. 4 pro photographers.

1 live event.

Meet Your Instructors

All the skills you need to succeed, taught by leading professionals in the industry. And it only happens once – reserve your spot today!

The Workshops

Fuji X100 V 1 Fuji X100 V 1 | placeholder

Best Camera Settings with Faizal Westcott


A breakdown of all the incredible features Fujifilm cameras have to offer. Learn best settings, film simulations, recipes, settings for different scenarios and menu options, and how to get the most out of your camera in daily interactions. This also includes a behind the scenes of how Faizal makes incredible street photos.

Fuji Workshop Portraits 001 Fuji Workshop Portraits 001 | placeholder

Portraits on Fujifilm with Reggie Ballesteros


Everything you need to know about photographing couples on Fujifilm. Learn the technical side of your camera, how to pose and dire...

Fuji 50 1 0 24 Fuji 50 1 0 24 | placeholder

Lifestyle on Fujifilm with Victoria Wright


This portion of the workshop dives into how to make incredible lifestyle images that brands love. Follow along as @veekster walks ...

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Commercial Photography on Fujifilm with Gajan Balan


Commercial studio photography can be intimidating; Gajan is here to demystify any confusion. Follow along as Gajan sets up differe...

Normally $149.99.

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Reserve your spot to the 4.5 hour live workshop for only $99!

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