• Instructors

    Lizzie Peirce
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner, ready to learn.

  • What You Get

    31 minutes of learning

    + 9 segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Shoot your vision into a reality.
    • When to use tripods, gimbals, drones, and your phone
    • How to create mood using shooting style
    • What lenses work best with what shots

What You'll Learn

When jumping to filmmaking, gear - and when to use each tool - can be daunting. In this course, Lizzie breaks down how to use your gear and execute shooting techniques to turn your idea a reality.


1/9 (1:00)

You’ll learn who Lizzie is, and how shooting techniques shape your film’s mood and style.

Shooting with Tripods

2/9 (4:00)

When to shoot with a tripod to create space for the viewer, build suspense, and establish key scenes.

Shooting with Gimbals

3/9 (4:00)

Often thought of as the holy grail of filmmaking, gimbals are a powerful tool when used purposefully. Learn how Lizzie uses a gimbal to find calmness in movement.

Handheld Cameras

4/9 (5:00)

Heart racing? Get your audience at the edge of their seat using this technique.

Shooting with Drones

5/9 (9:00)

Capture drama and set the scene using drone footage.

Shooting with Action Cameras

6/9 (3:00)

For the adventurer in us all. Up mountains, underwater, on your bike… Bring your audience along for the ride.

Shooting with Sliders

7/9 (2:00)

Learn the art of subtle movement and timelapses using sliders.

Shooting with Phones

8/9 (2:00)

Lizzie discusses using phone footage for a more raw, authentic feel to your films.

Wrap Up

9/9 (1:00)

Tying it all together.

Lizzie Peirce

Video Producer & Photographer from Toronto Ontario.
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