• Instructors

    Niles Grey
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner filmmaker learning how to shoot your first film.

  • What You Get

    3 hours of learning

    + 9 sections

    + 1 PDF Cheatsheet

    + 2 LUTS

    + 60% discount code for other Moment-produced courses

  • Learn to

    Shoot your first film
    • Camera Settings & the exposure triangle
    • Basics of lighting indoors & outdoors
    • Using the proper audio gear
    • Shoot & edit in sequences

What You'll Learn


1/8 (3)

Niles introduces himself and walks you through the goals for this course.

Camera Settings

2/8 (20)

You'll walk through aperture, shutter speed, iso, frame rates & camera sensors. This section aims to get you up to speed in exposing the perfect images and provides some go-to settings for different shooting scenarios.

Focal Lengths & Shot Types

3/8 (20)

Zoom or Prime? Close-up or Wide? Niles walks you through when to use different focal lengths, how focal length affects depth of field, and the common shot types you'll hear requested on a shoot.


4/8 (20)

Lighting will make or break your shot. The difference between a beautiful image and a bad image isn't usually the camera or lens but the lighting. Niles breaks lighting in an approachable way that you can take with you and use on your next shoot.


5/8 (8)

They say that audio is 50% of your video. Niles walks you through some quick tips on which microphone to use in different situations and how to get the best quality possible.

In the Field: Shooting Indoors & Outdoors

6/8 (60)

In this two-part section, Niles will shoot two different scenes, one indoor and one outdoor. He'll walk you through how he shoots in sequences and how he thinks about his personal filmmaking style.


7/8 (70)

We jump into Premiere Pro, where Niles will edit together the scene we shot together outdoors.


8/8 (3)

Niles wraps up the course and gives you a discount code for other offerings.

Niles Grey

Niles Grey is a filmmaker/director who seeks to blur the lines between Commercial and Documentary filmmaking.
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