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  • Instructors

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    Joe Greer

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    Matt Day

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    Beatriz Valim

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You enjoy film photography but want to take it to the next level.

  • What You Get

    4.5 hours of learning.

    + Access to the live workshop event in September 2021.

    + 4.5 hours of learning

    + Live Q&A sessions with 4 pros

    + Access to the content forever

  • Learn Film Photography

    4 top pros teach film photography.

    + Read light and meter properly

    + Properly shoot black and white film

    + Compose beautiful images on film

    + Find beauty in your everyday

    + Shoot medium format and 35mm film

    + Shoot eye-catching portraits

    + Edit and color correct your film photos

4 Workshops. 4 Q&A Sessions with Top Pros. 1 Live Event.

Learn Film Photography.

Andre Wagner - Photo Andre Wagner - Photo | placeholder

Shooting Black & White Film Photos with Andre Wagner


Learn to master the art of shooting elegant, impactful black & white film photos. This lesson with Andre Wagner gives a breakdown of everything you need to know about film stocks (color traits, sensitivity, latitude), metering, and different camera types

Matt Day Portfolio2 Matt Day Portfolio2 | placeholder

Shooting Your Everyday with Matt Day


In this lesson, Matt Day teaches you how to find beauty in your everyday life. Learn how to take stunning, authentic film photos i...

Joe Maddie Greer Portfolio Joe Maddie Greer Portfolio | placeholder

Composition 101 with Joe Greer


Master film photographer Joe Greer knows how important composition is when creating a thoughtful film photo. In this lesson, Joe t...

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Shooting Film Portraits with BEACASSO


This lesson will teach you how to utilize film to shoot captivating portraits. BEACASSO - Beatriz Valim - will show you how film c...