Lila MIFF 2021 Hero
  • Instructors

  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You're an intermediate filmmaker who wants to learn how to bring your footage together into a cohesive film.

  • What You Get

    1.5 hours of learning

    + 7 workshop segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Edit your film on mobile or desktop.
    • How to use Adobe Rush & Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Import footage that you filmed on your phone
    • Making sequences & selects
    • Bringing everything together into a professional, cohesive film

What You'll Learn


1/7 (1:55)

Lila introduces herself and covers what you'll learn in this editing lesson.

Importing Your Footage from Your Phone

2/7 (7:15)

After you film footage on your phone, what's the best way to get those files onto your computer and organized? In this segment, Lila breaks down her workflow and teaches you how to easily import footage.

Make Sequences & Selects

3/7 (10:31)

In this section, Lila fires up Premiere Pro and shows you how to make selects and start creating sequences.

Editing Your Film (Premiere Pro)

4/7 (24:10)

Now, let's get into the meat of it. Lila walks you through how to cut, build, and edit your filming in Premiere Pro with an efficient workflow.

Editing in Adobe Rush

5/7 (5:22)

But what if you want to edit your film on mobile? Adobe Rush is perfect for social cuts, or getting your edit started before moving over to desktop. Lila shows you how to edit footage effortlessly in the Adobe Rush app.


6/7 (0:41)

Lila wraps up the lesson with some final thoughts.

Q&A Session with Lila

7/7 (34:45)

In this recorded Q&A session, Lila answers audience questions about editing.


Hey, I'm Lila! I'm a full-time YouTuber based in the Netherlands. I'm passionate about helping people tell better stories through video.
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