• Instructors

    Sam Elkins
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    Good: Your friends think you are good at taking photos.

  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 12 segments

    + Exclusive tips from Sam

    + Sam's Editing Workflow

  • Learn to

    Create a consistent look and feel

    + Setup Lightroom panel

    + Cull images and catalog organization

    + Use tools and shortcuts in Lightroom

    + Color correct images to create a natural style

What You'll Learn

Sam will take you through his editing workflow from start to finish, showing you what he does to get his consistent look and feel every time, no matter what you're shooting with.



A quick intro to Sam and what this lesson is all about.



Sam discusses his editing philosophy, and how he ended up where he is at today. This provides a bit of context to the lesson, and how Sam has developed his personal style over the course of years.

Getting the Best RAW Images Possible in Camera


During this section, Sam goes into depth about why it’s so important to be happy with the RAW images you take, before you start editing. For Sam, he focuses on a few key components to get great images to work with in Lightroom.

Culling/Importing Images


Before you even start editing, it’s important to understand how to organize and cull your images properly. Sam utilizes Photo Mechanic to show you how he culls his images before importing into Lightroom.

Backup/Final Organization


Backing up your images is the most important part of making sure your images are safe and in multiple places. Sam walks you through how he organizes his shoots using a system that has worked for him for years.

Lightroom Workflow


Focusing mainly on what he uses on a typical basis, Sam walks you through his Lightroom Workflow, and what he does to each image within lightroom to achieve a consistent look and feel.

How to Properly Edit Skin Tones


Skin Tones can be very difficult, and are usually a defining characteristic of a great edit. Sam walks you through his approach to soft, pastel skin tones every time.

Editing Session - Lifestyle Shoot


Sam edits a lifestyle shoot he shot in 2019, explaining colors, why he chose the selects, and how to tell a story with a series of images.

Editing Session - Commercial Shoot


Sam walks you through a Commercial Shoot, showing you how he picks selects, organizes a story and finds a color palette for a specific shoot.

Editing Session - Achieving A Cohesive Look with Any Camera


In this segment, Sam edits images from some of his followers to show you that you can get consistent results with any camera, it’s just about working on a style and maintaining it throughout.

Export Settings


Sam explains his export settings, and how he resizes images for web, and social use.



Wow. What a ride. We summarize the techniques taught and how you can apply them to your editing sessions. Thanks for watching, now go do...

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Explorer and creator, based in LA.
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