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  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You know how to work a camera, and you want to learn how to take compelling, natural portraits.

  • What You Get

    1.5 hours of learning

    + 11 segments

    + Vuhlandes' Presets

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn To

    Photograph your subjects using their natural environments.

    • Capture people in their own environment
    • How to capture story
    • Make your subjects feel comfortable
    • What gear works best
    • Framing and composition

What You'll Learn

Learn how to get comfortable with your subjects and take portraits with personality.

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Meet Vuhlandes-- what inspires him and how we got into photography.

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Vuhlandes breaks down what gear he uses and why. He’ll also show you some of the tools he uses to create his iconic look.

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What is Environmental Portraiture?


Vuhlandes sheds light on his style of photography and the term “environmental portraiture.”

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Environmental Portraiture | Earl


Vuhlandes takes you to one of his favorite shoot locations, his backyard. Learn why he shoots with his friends instead of models a...

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Photo Breakdown


Vuhlandes takes you through some of his favorite photography over the years and explains the story & purpose behind some of his mo...

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Environmental Portraiture | Amal


Join Vuhlandes and his girlfriend Amal on an impromptu sunset photoshoot on the streets of Detroit.

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Vuhlandes’ Essential Shooting Tips


Vuhlandes lays down the essentials for creating shooting photos with impact.

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Environmental Portraiture | Detroit Bike Scene


Vuhlandes loves shooting film, but sometimes digital is better for a fast-paced environment. Vuhlandes shows you some techniques w...

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Environmental Portraiture | Ju


To finish off the lesson, there’s no better place to shoot one of Vuhlandes' best friends than the Detroit River. Join Vuhlandes ...

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Photo Editing


Vuhlandes goes through his process of editing film and digital photos.

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Vuhlandes wraps up the lesson with some final words


Hey, I'm Vuhlandes. I'm a photographer from the westside of Detroit, MI. My surroundings have influenced a unique style: street, gritty, yet clean.
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