• Instructors

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    Billy Kyle
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You’re a beginner or intermediate drone flyer who wants to learn how to use the DJI Air 2S.

  • What You Get

    1 hour of exclusive learning.

    + 10 learning segments

    + 5 Quick Settings to adjust

    + Photo & Video Walkthrough

  • Learn To

    Setup your DJI Air 2S drone and take better photo & videos.
    • Set up your DJI Air 2S
    • Use the Air 2S aircraft and remote controller
    • Use intelligent flight features properly
    • Fly your Air 2S with confidence
    • Take better aerial photos and videos

What You'll Learn

10 Learning Segments.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 1



Meet Billy Kyle as he walks you through what you'll learn in this gear tutorial.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 2

Unboxing & Setup


Right out of the box, learn the ins and outs of your new drone. Billy teaches you how to get your drone ready to fly.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 3

Aircraft Design Walkthrough


In this segment, Billy walks you through the physical hardware of the Air 2S.

DJI Air S2 Drone00007

Specifications & Transmission System


Diving into the software of the drone now -- In this segment, Billy talks through the drone's capabilities and systems.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 5

Remote Controller Walkthrough


In this section, learn how to operate the remote controller and get prepared to fly.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 6

DJI Fly App Walkthrough


In order to take to the skies, you'll need to know how to use the DJI Fly App. In this segment, Billy teaches you about the apps functionality and how to sync your smartphone with your new drone.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 7

5 Best Settings to Change


Before your first flight, go through Billy's checklist of settings to change in order to have the best flight experience.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 8

Flying Tips & Tricks


Now that you've walked through the entire hardware and software system of the drone, it's time to take your flight. In this segment, Billy gives you his tips for a smooth voyage.

Billy Kyle 2 S Section 9

Taking Better Photos & Videos


If you're flying a drone, it's likely your goal to take epic photos and videos. Learn the best settings for taking high-quality shots, how to expose properly, and more.

DJI Air S2 Drone00005

Key Takeaways


In this course wrap up, Billy signs off with some final thoughts and key takeaways.

Billy Kyle

Aerial photographer & videographer traveling the States. I teach people how to take better images with their drones.
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