• Instructors

    Drue Schnelle
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You can work a camera, and you want to take your photos to the next level.

  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 11 segments

    + Affinity Photo and Photoshop Actions

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn To

    Build your own DIY studio and shoot professional-looking photos at home.
    • Plan your shoots for success
    • Get creative with props in your DIY studio
    • Make any light work
    • Compose and direct super-refined portraits
    • Advanced retouching techniques

What You'll Learn

You'll learn how to create studio-grade portraits and product photos without pro equipment.



Drue introduces you to the lesson, talks about his story, and tells how he got into shooting portraits and product photography.

Gear: What You Need & What You Already Have


You don’t need the most expensive gear out there to create powerful images. In reality, it’s about learning to use what you have access to. Perhaps, it’s a pillowcase, a t-shirt, or some paper towels. In this section Drue shows you his minimalist setup and how he uses items around his home to create high-end photos.

What Makes a Good Photo


Drue breaks down some of his favorite images and the techniques he used to get them.

Shooting Portraits: Part 1 | Bedroom


Drue starts off by showing you how to take professional images in the simplest of places, your bedroom. Using only windows, lamps, and some random household objects, Drue will show you his techniques for getting professional photos.

Shooting Portraits: Part 2 | Staircase


A cramped, narrow staircase doesn’t prevent Drue from getting creative. In this section, he’ll show you how to use available light, reflect off surfaces, and work with models & wardrobes.

Shooting Portraits: Part 3 | Bathroom


Shooting in your bathroom may not seem like the best place to get quality images, but we challenged Drue to see what he could achieve. The results speak for themselves. In this section, you’ll see Drue problem-solve issues and work with a model to achieve his vision.

Shooting Products: Part 1 | Donut


In this section, you’ll see the behind the scenes how Drue created one of his most iconic images. You’ll learn about how to shoot images for compositing later and how easily you can achieve professional results on a slim budget.

Shooting Products: Part 2 | Shoes


In this section, you’ll see Drue breakdown another one of his favorite photos. This spec image led to Drue building a relationship with a shoe brand -- unbeknownst to them that everything was shot in his living room. Drue shows you how to use slow shutter speeds and image compositing to get stunning light trails without the use of any RGB lights.

iPad Editing Workflow


What makes Drue unique, is that his entire editing process is done solely on his iPad using Affinity Photo (but his techniques can be applied to any program). In this section, you’ll see how Drue imports footage from his camera and all the tools he uses in creating his iconic work.

Editing (4 Sections)


Drue shows you how to edit four photos he shot earlier in the lesson, two portraits and two product images. He'll show you how to get dreamy skin tones, captivating colors, and perfect highlights -- turning DIY shots into professional masterpieces.



Thanks for watching! Drue wraps up the course with some final notes.

Drue Schnelle

Hi, everyone! I'm Drue, a photographer - originally from LA - but now living in Nashville.
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