• Instructors

    Brian Chorski
  • Skill Level

    Level 1
  • What You Get

    2.5 Hours of Learning

    + 10 Segments

    + 10% Moment Discount

  • Learn to

    Compose Beautiful Photographs
    • Compose beautiful shots with any camera, including your phone.
    • Understand the different composition types.
    • Edit your photos with composition in mind.

What You'll Learn

Join Brian Chorski as he explores different areas of San Francisco and shows you how he seeks out great compositions whether it's quiet neighborhoods, the busy streets of Chinatown, or the lush landscapes outside of the city.



Meet Brian Chorski and learn his story.

Types of Compositions


In this section, Brian will walk you through some of the most popular types of compositions. He'll use his own work to illustrate the techniques used in each photograph.

Outer Sunset


The Outer Sunset area of San Francisco is iconic of Brian's work. In this section, you'll join Brian in his element and see a little behind the scenes on capturing some of his most famous images.



In this section join Brian as he hits the hectic streets of Chinatown in the early morning and shows you how to capture compositions when you're short on time and in the zone.

West Marin


Join Brian has he leaves the city and heads to Mt. Tam to shoot some slower paced compositions in the outdoors.

Bonus: Potrero Hill


Brian continues to explore San Francisco and guides you through some of his go-to composition techniques for capturing stellar photos in the city every time.

Photo Review


In this section, Brian sits down and goes through all the photos he's shot over the course of his lesson from iPhone to film and shows you what works and what didn't.

Editing on Desktop & Mobile


Sometimes the composition of the photo comes to life afterward in the editing process. In this section, Brian sits down and shows you on both his laptop and his phone how he edits his photographs to make them really stand out.



Brian bids farewell as he rides off onto the streets of San Francisco to continue shooting.

Brian Chorski

Hey, I'm Brian - a photographer and film director based in San Francisco, California.
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