Joe Hero Temporary
  • Instructors

    Joe Greer
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You enjoy film photography but want to take it to the next level.

  • What You'll Get

    1 Hour of Learning

    + 6 Segments (w/English CC)

    + Previously Recorded Q&A Session

  • What You'll Learn

    Confidently compose photos for film
    • Develop instincts to quickly compose
    • How to get comfortable with your camera
    • Strategies behind working with your surroundings
    • Joe's philosophy as he reviews his work

What You'll Learn

Master film photographer Joe Greer knows how important composition is when creating a thoughtful film photo. In this lesson, Joe teaches you everything you composition principles that will elevate your work.


1/6 (1:48)


Why Composition Is Important

2/6 (9:18)

Joe introduces you to the cornerstone of his photography practice.

NYC Central Park

3/6 (13:07)

Follow Joe as he shoot film portraits across Central Park.

Coney Island

4/6 (21:41)

Shadow Joe as he talks through his approach to shooting the streets in Coney Island.

Photo Review

5/6 (19:56)

Joe reviews and critiques his photographic work.


6/6 (1:40)

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Joe Greer

Joe Greer, known for his seamless depictions of life itself, has a knack for capturing honest moments.
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