Evan Schneider MIFF 2021 Hero
  • Instructors

    Each Schneider headshot outside with Evan wearing a baseball cap
    Evan Schneider
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You're an intermediate filmmaker, ready to dive into coloring your film.

  • What You Get

    1 hour of learning

    + 6 workshop segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Give your phone footage that cinematic edge using color grading.
    • Color correct & grade your footage using Adobe Premiere Pro
    • Develop an efficient coloring workflow
    • Use layers & balance shots

What You'll Learn

Evan Segment 1


1/6 (1:56)

Evan introduces himself and covers what you'll learn in this lesson about coloring your film.

Evan Segment 2

Color Correction vs. Color Grading

2/6 (3:36)

In this segment, dive right into it as Evan teaches you the difference between color grading and color correcting. Evan opens up Adobe Premiere Pro and shows you the basics of both techniques.

Evan Segment 3

Learning the Tools in Premiere

3/6 (10:55)

All the tools available in Premiere Pro can be intimidating. Evan breaks it down in this segment, showing you how to manipulate color and exposure using sliders as well as color wheels.

Evan Segment 4

Recreating Popular Looks

4/6 (22:05)

Want to make your film look like your favorite movie? In this segment, Evan breaks down some popular color grades and teaches you how to recreate any look over your own film.

Evan Segment 5


5/6 (0:56)

Evan wraps up the course with some final thoughts.

Evan Segment 6

Q&A Session with Evan Schneider

6/6 (46:03)

Evan answers audience questions about color correct and grading in this recorded Q&A session.

Evan Schneider

Evan Schneider is a professional colorist and cinematographer based in LA.
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Each Schneider headshot outside with Evan wearing a baseball cap