Patrick Tomasso MIFF 2021 Hero
  • Instructors

    Patrick Tomasso
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner filmmaker who wants to learn how to capture the high-quality audio possible.

  • What You Get

    1 hour of learning

    + 5 workshop segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Record show-stopping audio for your film.
    • Why audio is so important
    • Microphone types & best practices
    • Recording voiceover
    • Minimizing noise

What You'll Learn


1/5 (1:48)

Patrick introduces himself and covers what he'll be teaching in this lesson. Patrick also talks about why audio is quite possibly the most important aspect of filmmaking.

Gear & Apps

2/5 (11:51)

Diving right in, Patrick teaches you how to use his favorite apps to record audio. Learn about the types of microphones you might be using when shooting your film, and how to best use each type.

On Set

3/5 (9:13)

Watch Patrick in action as he takes film test shots and records sample audio.

Capturing Foley

4/5 (3:02)

Get this -- A lot of the sound effects you hear in films was actually recorded and added in post-production. In this segment, Patrick teaches you how to record foley for your films.

Q&A Session with Patrick

5/5 (48:24)

Join us for a recorded Q&A session with Patrick as he answers audience members' audio questions.

Patrick Tomasso

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