• Instructors

    Tom Kahlerin Iceland Tom Kahlerin Iceland | placeholder
    Tom Kahler

    Elliot simpson avatar Elliot simpson avatar | placeholder
    Elliot Simpson

  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    Good: Your friends think you are good at shooting photos.

  • What You Get

    3 hours of learning

    • 8 segments
    • 8 presets for Lightroom
    • Go-to Settings Guide
    • Go-to Posing Guide
    • 10% off in the Moment Shop
  • Learn to

    Shoot stunning car portraits

    + Confidently pose a car for a flattering image
    + Capture dynamic shots of cars in motion
    + Plan locations that fit your car
    + Use the right gear for the best results

What You'll Learn

Segment 1 Segment 1 | placeholder

Intro to Capture and Edit NEXT LEVEL Car Photos

1/8 (1:51)

Let’s get this thing started! We’re in Iceland about to go take some insane photos of a Land Rover Defender. You’ll meet Tom and Elliot before buckling your seatbelts for the lesson ahead!

Segment 2 Segment 2 | placeholder

Pre Production & Gear

2/8 (20:02)

From proper planning to having the right gear, this section goes over what Tom and Elliott bring to every shoot. We’ll go over wha...

Segment 3 Segment 3 | placeholder

Shooting Car Portraits

3/8 (30:20)

This section covers an entire shoot, beginning to end. We mob up an Icelandic road, scout locations and show you how Tom and Ellio...

Segment 4 Segment 4 | placeholder

Utilizing Motion Blur

4/8 (22:50)

To shoot cars well, you have to be able to capture them in motion. This section is all about creating dynamic photographs of the D...

Segment 5 Segment 5 | placeholder

Capturing Cars in Motion

5/8 (22:55)

Another way to achieve dynamic motion shots is to be moving with the car. In this section, Tom hops in the back of the Jimny to sh...

Segment 6 Segment 6 | placeholder

Color Correcting: Tom's Look

6/8 (39:31)

Tom gets a lot of questions about how he edits. In this segment, he breaks down his style and demonstrates how to achieve his look...

Segment 7 Segment 7 | placeholder

Color Correcting: Elliot's Look

7/8 (26:17)

Dramatic and minimal are the two words Elliot uses to describe his work. This segment breaks down how he achieves that unique look...

Segment 8 Segment 8 | placeholder

Conclusion: Summarize What You Learned

8/8 (1:40)

Wow. What a ride. We summarize the techniques taught and how you can apply them to your photography. Thanks for watching, now go d...

Class Extras

Get more out of the lesson with 8 presets for desktop and mobile, Tom and Elliot's go-to Settings Guide & Posing Guide, and a Moment Shop discount.

Segment 9 Segment 9 | placeholder

8 Desktop & Mobile Presets

Download Tom and Elliot's base presets, and the ones they created during the lesson to use and practice with while you watch.

Segment 10 Segment 10 | placeholder

Go-to Settings Guide and Posing Guide

Tom and Elliot have included a go-to settings guide and posing guide for you to reference how they shoot automotive photography.

Meet Your Instructors

Tom and Elliot are freelance photographers based in the UK. Obsessed with adventure, travel, and automotive photography, they can’t wait to show you everything they’ve learned in shooting photos for brands like Mercedes Benz, the North Face, BMW, Redbull, Ford, and Columbia.

Elliot Simpson

Hey, I'm Elliot (@elliotjsimpson), a freelance outdoor photographer and filmmaker based in the UK with a passion for nature and storytelling.
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Elliot simpson avatar Elliot simpson avatar | placeholder

Tom Kahler

Hi, I'm Tom (@tomkahler), a freelance photographer based in the UK specializing in outdoor and automotive photography.
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Tom Kahlerin Iceland Tom Kahlerin Iceland | placeholder