• Instructors

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    Sonora MindWerl

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    Andrew Kearns

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    New: You are just picking up a camera and learning fundamentals. You want to improve your editing skills and deepen your knowledge overall.

  • What You Get

    115 minutes of learning

    + 13 segments

    + Kearns' Iceland Guide

    + Sonora's Directing Tips

    + Lightroom shortcut cheat sheet

  • Learn To

    Capture images that are posed yet effortless and develop your own look

    + Confidently direct your subject
    + Select clean backdrops for better portraits using natural light
    + Use basic manual tools and shortcuts in Lightroom
    + Color correct images to create your own distinctive style
    + Stitch images together for a more compressed wide image

What You'll Learn

Andrew is going to put you in the field and show you how it’s done. The end result = more candid portraits. Even Sonora jumps in to teach a segment about directing from a model’s point of view, sharing insights that most photographers miss.

For the second half, Andrew goes through his workflow from photo selection to specific tools he uses in Lightroom, teaching you how to edit your photos for a nostalgic, timeless look. There is so much more potential in your editing to create photos that are like a memory. This lesson will encourage you to critically approach edits with an end goal in mind.

Segment 9 Segment 9 | placeholder

Introduction: The Shoot

1/14 (2:31)

Let's get started. We cover an outline of the class and get into Kearns' photography philosophy, which sets the stage for how to capture candid moments. We'll also cover how not to settle for an image that you know could be better.

Segment 10 Segment 10 | placeholder

Pre Production & Gear

2/14 (8:36)

We dive into the gear Andrew uses. Learn his lens, camera type, and how he uses them in capturing portraits. You'll learn why he s...

Segment 11 Segment 11 | placeholder

Directing vs. Allowing | Iceland Highlands

3/14 (15.42)

Now we get into directing versus allowing the scene to come to you. With the Iceland Highlands as the backdrop, Andrew teaches you...

Segment 12 Segment 12 | placeholder

Model's Perspective | Directing Tips

4/14 (6:45)

We turn the camera around and Sonora shares tips from a model's perspective on how to best direct a model. She’s going to share in...

Segment 13 Segment 13 | placeholder

In the Field

5/14 (10:42)

Kearns takes you into the field and show you how it’s done. Over his shoulder, you learn his techniques while he shoots a few diff...

Segment 14 Segment 14 | placeholder

Conclusion: The Shoot

6/14 (0:39)

We wrap it up, summarizing the techniques taught and how you can apply them to your everyday photography. See you out there!

Segment 1 Segment 1 | placeholder

Introduction: The Edit

7/14 (0:51)

Let’s get the lesson started. We pick up from the trip to Iceland with Sonora to walk you through Kearns' editing lesson. Here, we...

Segment 2 Segment 2 | placeholder

Selecting & Organizing

8/14 (11:24)

We’re going to jump into how Kearns organizes his photos before editing. We’ll talk about proper workflow, all to save you time do...

Segment 3 Segment 3 | placeholder

Efficient Lightroom Shortcuts

9/14 (7:10)

Kearns keeps it simple, but in order to go faster with a manual process he teaches you his go to shortcuts. He'll provide a shortc...

Segment 4 Segment 4 | placeholder

Understanding Kearns' Perspective

10/14 (6:05)

I'll take you through my style so you better understand my intent. Here, I'll show you how to create photos that are warm, nostalg...

Segment 5 Segment 5 | placeholder

Image Stitching | Editing a Landscape

11/14 (16:34)

Getting more technical, you'll dive into how to stitch images together. It’s a way to combine images to get something better than ...

Segment 6 Segment 6 | placeholder

Editing a Portrait of Sonora

12/14 (10:09)

We look at portraits and how he prefers to edit them. Often his style is about adding warmth to make photos of people feel like a ...

Segment 7 Segment 7 | placeholder

Editing for a Brand

13/14 (9:43)

Editing for a brand can be different than editing for yourself. Kearns explains the difference and how to edit if the photos are f...

Segment 8 Segment 8 | placeholder

Conclusion: The Edit

14/14 (2:22)

In this final segment, you'll review what was learned in the lesson and he'll give his closing thoughts. See you out there!

Class Extras

Get more out of the lesson with a private podcast, a guide to Iceland, a PDF of Sonora's exclusive directing tips, and a cheat sheet for Kearns' Lightroom shortcuts.

Andrew Kearns

Photographer, filmmaker, & climber.
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Sonora MindWerl

From Oaxaca and Oregon.
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