• Instructors

    Caleb Wojcik
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    This course is for anyone who wants to dive into audio and go from beginner to being able to consistently record high-quality audio for your projects.

  • What You Get

    2.25 hours of learning
    • 13 segments
    • 10% off gear in the shop
    • Downloadable PDFs
  • Learn to

    Record audio like a pro.
    • Recognize noises that will affect your recording and mitigate them as best as possible.
    • Choose the correct microphone for the project
    • Backing up audio with multiple channels/safety tracks
    • Place microphones
    • Reduce wind noise
    • Record and sync external audio

What You'll Learn

6 Modules, 28 Segments.

Module 0: Getting Started

1/6 (2:04)

1 Segment. Caleb welcomes you to the course and shares his recommendations for moving through the program.

Module 1: Before We Get Technical

2/6 (15:16)

3 Segments. Before diving into gear options and how to use them, we’ll cover set selection and noise considerations.

Module 2: Types of Microphones

3/6 (24:31)

5 Segments. In this module, Caleb breaks down the wide world of microphone choices. Caleb talks about the various forms of microphones, shares sample audio, and goes over their best applications -- when and why you might want to consider using each.

Module 3: Recording Advice

4/6 (36:39)

8 Segments. Caleb shares some lesson he had to learn the hard way -- so you don't have to. This module covers reasons to use an external recorder, backing yourself up with a safety channel, reducing wind noise, syncing external audio, and properly setting up an on-camera microphone.

Module 4: Gear I Recommend

5/6 (52:01)

10 Segments. If you’ve ever shopped for a microphone, you'll know how many kinds, brands, and models there are. Skip the panic with this section. Caleb covers each type of audio-recording device, and recommends the best options for each.

Module 5: Conclusion & Continued Learning

6/6 (3:09)

1 Segment. Caleb wraps up the course with a conclusion and recommendations for next steps in your audio journey.

Caleb Wojcik

Hi, I'm Caleb, a video and audio expert with a decade of experience under my belt.
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