• Instructors

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner to videography and want to start utilizing Apple Final Cut Pro X.

  • What You Get

    15.5 hours of learning

    + 11 Modules

  • Learn To

    Create a dynamic, engaging video with Apple Final Cut Pro X video editing software.

    + Import media into Apple Final Cut Pro X

    + Use media management tools to organize your files

    + Explore the endless possibilities for creating amazing video effects

    + Add crisp audio to enhance your video

    + Sharpen the skills you need to edit, trim, and combine clips

What You'll Learn

An in-depth guide to Apple Final Cut Pro X In-Depth that will take you from beginner to master.

Introduction & Getting Started

1/11 (1:04:20)

3 segments. In the first lesson, learn what to expect in the class and why, when you edit videos, you start with the organization. Larry touches on some key terminology.


2/11 (0:50:21)

2 segments. Video editing with Final Cut Pro is just as much about the actual tools as it is about creating an efficient workflow. In this lesson, find the answers to some of the biggest questions in the workflow.

Importing & Organizing

3/11 (1:59:45)

5 segments. Final Cut Pro will import any videos supported by your computer, from files that already exist on a hard drive to videos from a camera's SD card. Walkthrough the import process and options, from basic options to marking favorite locations, when working with files that already exist on the hard drive.


4/11 (2:46:25)

6 segments. Time to dig into editing -- but where do you start? Reviewing the available clips to see what to include is a good place to start. Larry walks you through the process, from the keyboard shortcuts to marking a clip.


5/11 (1:21:15)

5 segments. Jumping into audio, learn the basic terms to audio editing, how we hear, and get started on understanding audio tracks inside Final Cut Pro. Learn how sound is visually represented and how to set levels for the best sound.

Multi-Cam Editing

6/11 (0:42:12)

2 segments. Editing video shot with multiple cameras is a common task in the video industry -- and Final Cut Pro has tools designed just for the task. Larry walks through the basics of multi-cam editing and getting started with the multi-cam feature. Learn how to group the cameras, create a new multi-cam clip, and adjust the order using the angle editor to ...


7/11 (0:47:30)

2 segments. Transitions help make moving from multiple cuts a smooth experience. Learn the keyboard shortcuts for transitions, timing transition adjustments, and adjusting a transition with a roll trim.


8/11 (3:10:45)

9 segments. Titles aren't the only type of special effects you can create inside Final Cut Pro. Learn how to change the speed of a video, add graphics, and more.

Color Correction

9/11 (1:30:40)

5 segments. Color correction is a big enough task that entire careers are dedicated to the task. Learn what you need to know on color correction basics to successfully create a color-corrected video. Larry teaches how to color correct for skin tone and light.

Audio Effects

10/11 (0:49:32)

2 segments. Visual effects are only half of the special effects equation. Walkthrough audio effects, from manipulating audio levels to creating a stereo mix.

Wrap Up: Exporting & Sharing

11/11 (0:21:28)

1 segment. After all that editing, how do you share your video? Walkthrough the export process, from exporting an XTMLand a master file to sharing to YouTube directly from Final Cut Pro. Learn about exporting to different file formats and video formats, including .mp4.


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