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    Alex Strohl

  • Skill Level

    Level 3

    Made for rising photographers: You know how to use your camera, edit with Lightroom, and want to make an impact.

  • What You Get

    3.5 hours of learning

    + 40 segments

    + In-the-field content

    + Downloadable templates

    + Exclusive knowledge

  • Learn to

    Become a pro photographer

    + Choose gear and how to get more out of it.

    + Create story arcs.

    + Shoot action and adventure.

    + Edit, color grade, and organize.

    + Pitch and build clients.

What You'll Learn

Alex wants to teach you to take action, to improve your skills, to get uncomfortable in sh*t weather and get that banger shot that moves the viewer. He shares his expertise for scouting, pre-production, building a portfolio, and landing clients.

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For the past seven years, Alex has been lucky enough to travel the world, shooting for huge brands like Apple, and Land Rover. He's learned quite a few things along the way and wants to share it with you.

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2020 Gear Walkthrough


Alex walks you through all the gear he uses; including different cameras because each one has unique characteristics that match th...

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Mastering Camera Settings


As someone who wants to be a professional you need to know your camera inside and out, so you don't think about it when you're usi...

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Blue Hour; a How-To


A lot of outdoor photographers start packing their bags once the sun has set, but they are missing out on some of the best light. ...

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Photos that Move Us


Alex explains that while there isn't a step-by-step recipe to making work that moves the viewer, there are ways to propel you in t...

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Visual Storytelling 101


This episode focuses on giving adventure photographers stronger foundations to visual storytelling so they can elevate the way the...

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Endurance in a World of Sprinting


We've all heard the old adage that 'motivation is a muscle' and although in many ways that's true, there is much more to it that w...

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Keeping your Ideas Fresh


Feeling uninspired as a creator has much to do with your mind but external events can have a huge influence on how inspired you fe...

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Plan. Scout. Shoot.


As an adventure photographer you need to be good at finding places and getting to them at the perfect time. Learn how the pros do ...

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Shooting More: Action Plan


Alex has a 15 day action plan that will get you into a habit of getting out and shooting more, every day.

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Building your Story Arc


Take part in a specially designed exercise by Alex to better understand the things you love and learn to build your own story arc ...

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Himalaya Shoot: Pre-Pro


Learn how to prepare like a pro for a day long automotive assignment in a remote area of Wyoming.

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Field Day: Himalaya Defender


This episode is for outdoor photographers who've been commissioned to shoot an important automotive/action assignment. You will le...

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Canon Shoot: Pre-Pro


Learn how to staff an entire shoot through social media. Introduce yourself to new people, get them stoked on your shoot, and buil...

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Field Day: Canon USA Shoot


This episode is for photographers who have to tackle a commercial shoot where the object of the shoot is used, not photographed: a...

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Keywords and Organizing Images


Staying organized as your photo archive grows is an essential skill. Learn how to properly keyword & organize your photos when imp...

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Gradients in Lightroom


Learn how to use gradients in Lightroom to subtly guide the viewers eye to your focal point.

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Perspective Correction


It's important when shooting cars to avoid distortion commonly found in wider lenses.

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HDR (Hand Held)


Sometimes when shooting hand held HDR comps you'll need to use a little "magic;" Alex shares his tips and tricks with you.

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Commercial Grading


For some shoots you'll need to grade the final deliverables in a very commercial way, this segment will walk you through how to do...

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Clone Stamping and Patch Tools


Alex walks you through one of the most valuable tools in Photoshop.

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Moody Grading


Moody images are all the rage right now. Learn how Alex approaches grading with a bit more of an edge to it.

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Export Settings


Exporting is a crucial part of photography. Alex goes over the settings he uses when exporting for mobile, web, and desktop.

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Archiving and Organizing Images


Building an archive as a photographer is one of the most important things you can do. Alex demonstrates the drives and organizatio...

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Delivering Files to Clients


There are a few ways Alex uses to deliver files to clients. Here, he'll share his favorite method and show you how he makes a coll...

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Let's Talk Business


This episode focuses on one of the most important things for any adventure photographer out there: selling your ideas.

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Building a Desirable Portfolio


A portfolio is a collection of your best images. It is specifically built to land you clients and publications. It is also one of ...

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How to Contact Clients


This episode is for photographers who are prepared to reach out to prospective clients or have already reached out without much su...

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Prospecting: Finding the Brands that Fit You


This episode addresses why and how you should pick brands that fit you to work with and then how to get their attention. Alex wil...

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Getting Clients to See your Value


How do you define what your work is worth? You'll hear pros saying: my day rate is XX a day or X a day and when you're still estab...

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Paid to Travel the World in 2019


The big question: how do you get paid to travel the world? The idea that someone is going to hand you money to go on a trip sounds...

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The Art of Crafting Mood Boards and Treatments


As a working photographer, you've probably had to build these document There is a lot of contradictory information on the web abou...

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Keys to a Fulfilling Photo Career


Being successful in photography takes much more than being a very good photographer. We all wish we could go out everyday, make ph...

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Three Things you Need to Know Before Pitching


Before you go out and pitch your big idea, Alex will go over a handful of important points, including: Ad Agencies versus Clients,...

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Finding your Value Proposition


What is the client's problem and how are we going to solve it? Alex shares his tried and tested approach to finding your value pro...

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Media Kit: A Walkthrough


Alex walks you through his private media kit and breaks it down so you can understand what's really important when building yours.

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How Alex Built his Audience


What does an iPhone 4 photo of a snow pile at blue hour have to do with Alex's journey? Hear the untold account of how Alex built ...

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Social Media Landscape of 2020


The scene has evolved, organic growth has dramatically slowed down, what can you do to keep growing? Hear Alex's perspective in th...

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Alex's Favorite Software


Alex gives you an in depth look at the apps and websites that he uses in his daily work and why they are some of his favorites.

"Strohl's work transports you into magical moments..."


Student Spotlight - Peter O'Hara

A freelance adventure photographer and filmmaker. Passionate about being immersed in and capturing the outdoors, whether it's working for brands or just for fun.

Alex Strohl

Photographer, traveler, teacher.
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