• Instructors

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner to Adobe Lightroom and want to learn everything you need to know.

  • What You Get

    17.5 hours of learning

    + 18 modules

    + Color Presets

    + B&W Presets

    + Workflow PDF

  • Learn To

    Use Adobe Lightroom 2020 like a pro.

    + Efficiently cull and retouch photographs

    + Manage your files to enable seamless and immediate recall

    + Get your computer and software to run faster

    + Create impressive photo books and slideshows

    + Take advantage of global adjustments

    + Improve your mobile workflow with both your iPhone and iPad

    + Deliver and share your images directly from Lightroom

What You'll Learn

Learn everything you need to know to masterfully use Lightroom 2020 for all of your photo projects.

Getting Started

1/18 (0:19:42)

1 segment. Meet your instructor, Jared Platt, as he walks you through everything that's going to be covered in this extensive lesson.

Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

2/18 (0:22:13)

3 segments. Jared goes over his personal workflow in Adobe Lightroom and best practices for efficient editing.

Tour of the Library

3/18 (1:04:14)

9 segments. In this section, learn how to organize your images and find your way around the import tool in Lightroom.

Developing & Global Adjustments in Lightroom Classic

4/18 (2:03:46)

14 segments. Jared dives deep into how to adjust color, light, optics and more in Lightroom Classic.

Developing & Retouching in Lightroom Classic

5/18 (1:11:20)

6 segments. Zoom in and get granular. Learn ho to use gradients, brushwork, and tools like dodge & burn in this section.

Photoshop Roundtrip

6/18 (0:56:14)

7 segments. Take your images to Photoshop to fine-tune skin details, add blur, liquify, and more.

Delivery in Lightroom Classic

7/18 (0:41:26)

3 segments. Jared teaches how to export your work from Lightroom Classic and share using slideshows.

Book Printing

8/18 (0:57:53)

4 segments. Turn your edited photos into magazines and prints using Lightroom Classic. Jared also shows you how to create profiles.


9/18 (0:43:11)

4 segments. Collect your best images for your portfolio and use Cloud storage for your catalogs.

Web Publishing in Adobe Lightroom Classic

10/18 (0:26:54)

2 segments. Show it off! Jared teaches you how to make websites for your projects and show your work to Instagram.

Specialty Lesson in Lightroom Classic

11/18 (1:13:03)

6 segments. Learn techniques like HDR, building panoramas, and making your own presets.

Commercial Workflow in Lightroom Classic

12/18 (0:42:16)

4 segments. Jared teaches how to setup for a tethered shoot, and how to share the final images with your client.

Mobile Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

13/18 (1:06:34)

9 segments. Learn how to review your photos on iPhone or iPad, organize, and save images to Cloud Storage.

Editing & Retouching in Adobe Lightroom

14/18 (1:43:00)

13 segments. Jared explains how to edit and retouch in Lightroom -- learn everything from exposure adjustments, to crop and geometry.

Sharing and Editing in Adobe Lightroom

15/18 (0:30:28)

3 segments. How to find images, export them to albums on the web, and share your work to social media with Adobe Lightroom.

Workflow & File Management in Lightroom Desktop

16/18 (1:08:37)

6 segments. Jared teaches you how to organize and import your images to Lightroom Desktop. He goes over his recommended workflow.

Developing & Retouching in Lightroom Desktop

17/18 (1:48:28)

15 segments. Jared dives deep into how to adjust color, light, optics and more in Lightroom Desktop.

Sharing, Publishing, and Archiving in Lightroom Desktop

18/18 (0:40:21)

7 segments. In this final segment, learn how to use Sensei, connect with Lightroom Classic and other devices, and archive images. Jared wraps up with some final thoughts.

Class Extras

Get more out of this lesson with free presets and a downloadable workflow PDF.


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