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  • Instructors

    Robbie Haddad headshot wearing green sweatshirt with bokeh lights in background
    Robbie Haddad
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You’re a beginner who wants to learn how to take professional, eye-catching jewelry videos with your phone.

  • What You Get

    1.5 hours of learning

    + 7-step learning plan

    + 6 modules with 16 segments

    + 20% Moment gear discount

  • Learn To

    Shoot top-notch jewelry videos on your phone and edit your footage for a polished finished product.
    • Shoot and edit high quality videos of your product
    • Make 360 rotation videos
    • Stop motion
    • Timelapse videos
    • Tested Social Media Strategies that win customers to your store
    • Edit your footage for a beautiful finished video

What You'll Learn

Welcome to the Course

1/6 (0:06:30)

Meet Robbie Haddad as he walks you through the course curriculum explains and why it’s important for jewelers both big and small to learn the art of videography.

Day 1: Unleashing Your Phone’s Camera

2/6 (0:027:25)

No big camera, no problem. Your phone’s camera is a powerful tool for creating professional-looking jewelry videos. In this module, Robbie teaches you how to use your phone’s camera to its full potential and which apps are best for the job. This section covers both iOS and Android devices.

Day 2: The Right Tools

3/6 (0:05:49)

One of the questions Robbie gets asked most is, "What are you using to shoot that!?" In this module, dive into the gear and equipment you can utilize to create stunning videos.

Days 3, 4 & 5: Shooting Creative Jewelry Videos

4/6 (0:28:15)

Time to shoot! This group of modules walk you through three creative types of videos: 360 Rotating Video, Timelapse, and Stop Motion. Robbie covers when to use each type, and how to film them.

Day 6: Editing Workflow

5/6 (0:24:26)

Night falls and it’s a different ball game. In this segment, Danny shows how to light two scenes, one interior and one exterior.

Day 7: Organic Release & Social Media

6/6 (0:13:09)

Sit down with Danny as he talks about some of his favorite shots and breaks down how he achieved them.

Class Extras

Robbie Haddad

A jeweler's son turned Chief Creative Officer, Robbie runs a marketing agency that helps the modern jeweler win lifelong customers.
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Robbie Haddad headshot wearing green sweatshirt with bokeh lights in background