Why Partner With Us

Moment is a next-gen retailer for creatives. We believe there is a creative in everybody and we’re building their go-to online store with gear, learning content, and trips. More than just a place to shop, we’ve built an avid community of creative-minded people who love to shoot, share, and travel the world.

We would love to partner with you to create custom programs that work for your audience. We offer a unique catalog, great margins, and a vibrant community.

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Who We Reach

Moment is a commerce platform that reaches 1.5M creators.

Our shop carries the gear creators recommend. We publish online video lessons from pro creators. We even run photography adventures all over the world. We service our customers 24x7 with pro gear guides. And we host photo adventures with pro guides to the places you need to visit.

The Brands We Sell

We’re fortunate some of the best gear in the world from innovative brands. We carry brand new to timeless brands in our shop. You can shop our catalog of products here.

The Lessons We Sell

We make and sell online video lessons form pro guides. Especially with the economy being down, creatives are looking for new skills they can master. We have an exclusive library or learning content.

Mobile Filmmaking with Andy To

Short Form Videos with Jesse Driftwood

Fashion Photography with Natasha Wilson

Editing with Andrew Kearns

Capturing the Moment with Andrew Kearns and Sonora Mindwerl

Shooting for Brands with Joel Hyppönen

iPhone Photography with Sam Elkins

Car Photography with Tom Kahler and Elliot Simpson

Car Photography with Tom Kahler and Elliot Simpson

The Trips We Sell

We run photo tours and destination workshops with famous creators all over the world. These trips are exclusive to Moment, offering great margins and high conversion rates.

How We Can Partner

We can do more than just commissions. We can create custom programs, content, and campaigns that engage your readers and perform at check out.

Strong Margins

We pay higher margins than the other guys and longer click-through windows to maximize your return. We are happy to pay you more.

  • Margins from 6-20%.
  • Conversion window of 15 days
  • Payment within 90 days of the trip on travel.

Broad Catalog

We offer a unique, broader catalog with gear, online video lessons, and trips. This means your audience never gets tired of shopping from Moment.

  • Gear from over 30 brands.
  • Online lessons from pro creators.
  • Photography adventures.
  • Destination workshops.
Online Video Lessons

Custom Programs

Beyond a holiday calendar we can create custom programs just for your audience. We can do this with new drops or based on your needs.

  • Dedicated coupon code branding.
  • New and closeout gear.
  • Flash sales.
Travel Sale

Custom Content

Our crew of filmmakers and photographers can create learning content that engages your audience. From gear reviews to tips we can create what you need.

Some of our favorites:

Photo Hacks
Better Sound


We host dozens of giveaways each year with fellow brands. Each giveaway with a unique way for the community to participate with their camera. These giveaways generate content, lead to email sign up, and grow your lists.

IWD Giveaway

Weekend Challenges

We host weekend challenges that inspire (and reward) the community for accepting a creative challenge, posting content, and tagging all the brands involved. This is an authentic experience that gains social followers in exchange for free gear and recognition.

Moment Challenge 1

Program Details

We use Impact and are available on Skimlinks so setup should only take a few Moments. What you need to know about the program:

  •  We use the Impact Network. 
  • We are compatible with Skim Links
  • We pay 6-20% depending on the category
  • We have a 15 day conversion window.
  • Custom graphics and ads are available 
  • Custom programs are available.

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