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While much of the US is shopping for discounts this weekend, we choose to checkout … to get out … to take our cameras and go. To experience the world around. To find Moments that are real. Moments when time doesn’t matter shared with the people who do. 

We invite you to do the same. Join us. Get lost. Follow your camera. 

We’ll be back online Monday the 27th with our annual holiday sale. 

From all of us at Moment thank you for your support. 

Thank you!

// Moment

Marc Barros, Erik Hedberg, Dani Chase, Andrew Stoner, Kevin Korpi, RJ Lincoln, Amanda Kirk, Erica Simas, Vincent Carabeo, Phill Pasqual, David Hahn, Brian Cason, Julia Manchik, Melissa Leith, Melissa Li, Ryan Schie, Audrey Louchart, Spencer Smith, Caleb Babcock, Niles Grey, & Jessica Livak.

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