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"This class is amazing! I took about 10 pages of notes and can’t wait to try these techniques out on tomorrow’s wedding. I’ve been shooting for 4 years now and am constantly looking for new ways to energize my shoots and bring new life and strong connections to my images, and this posing class nails that. Thanks Ben!!!~Carolyn"

Why Ben

Ben Sasso is an enigma. He lives in a van, has been featured in pretty much every major photo publication, and he’s passionate about cultivating a community of photographers that help each other improve and elevate the craft. He offers a great selection of self-paced, online classes.

Topics include: Posing & Directing, Editing & Consistency, Style & Brand, Social Media, and Lighting. Each class is it's own website which you'll have access to forever after you purchase it. In each class, he spills everything he knows about the topic, how you can tailor it to your own style, and gives you tangible ways to move forward.

To Know
  • Workshops per year: Unlimited. His classes are online
  • Photography Level: Basic
  • Activity Level: None. 
  • Average Duration: Unlimited. Learn at your own pace.
  • Cost: $100-$450 (bundle packages)
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What makes Ben unique is that his classes are available online whenever you want. You can buy individual classes or bundles.

Ben Sass - Posing And Directing
Posing and Directing - $175
Ben Sass - Editing and Consistence
Editing and Consistency - $200
Ben Sass - social media
Social Media Photography - $100
Ben Sass - Style and Brand
Style and Brand - $100
Ben Sass - lighting
Lighting Class - $0

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