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In addition to the good vibes you get for sharing what you know, Moment Guides travel for free, earn a guide stipend, pick up free gear, and increase their exposure through our marketing efforts.

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Moment Guide Instructions 1

You make Moment Trips epic. You know where to go and what to shoot. From the gems you discover, to the photos you shoot, to the places you stay, and to the food you lead the photo trip you’ve always wanted to take.

You create the itinerary, our location guide runs the trip, and you teach the guests how to shoot what you shoot.

Moment Guide Instructions 2

If the following is you, then yes. We’re building a community with the best photo guides in the world.

  • Good Vibes - Smiling, positive, and energized for every trip.
  • Light Chaser - Rise early or stay up late, whatever it takes to get the shot.
  • Knowledgeable - Willing and able to share your photography insights.
  • Flexible - Willing to suggest, collaborate, and help the local guiding company on each trip.

Moment Guide Instructions 3

The same way you would chase anything you’re passionate about...apply and then get someone we know to vouch for you.

The process looks like this..

+ Apply here. 

+ Have a creative we work with email us and vouch for you.

+ Write a Photo Spots article on the Momentist. We pay you $250 per article. 

+ Get selected to guide an upcoming trip.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Be A Moment Guide?

A: We make it easy. You share your knowledge of where to go and what to shoot and we take care of the rest. This lets you focus on what you love...teaching and exploring...without the headache that comes with organizing, marketing, and running a trip. Ultimately we'd love to see Moment Guide launch their own trips on the marketplace.

Q: Who Can Be A Moment Guide?

A: Anyone. We have three levels of guide form beginner to the super famous. We try to match your teaching level to the level of the trip so you aren't out of your element.

Q: What’s It Like To Guide A Trip?

A: We pair you with the local guiding company that we hire to run the trip. They handle all of the trip logistics, including transportation, meals, equipment, and accommodations. You advise on the itinerary, handle all of the teaching, and support the guiding company as needed. We're counting on you to make the trips awesome. 

Q: How Much Do I Get Paid?

A: In addition to free travel and gear, all of our guides get paid a flat day rate and a per person bonus. If more people come on the trip you get paid more for handling a larger work load. Generally our trips run anywhere from 8-15 people and day rates depend on your teaching level.

Q: What Expenses Do You Cover?

A: We cover your travel to and from the meeting point, up to $500. Once you arrive we take care of everything else, including meals, accommodations, entry fees, and activities. We match guides to local trips so their knowledge of the area is high and their travel costs are low.

Q: Am I An Employee Or Contractor?

A: A contractor. In order to be a guide you have to have your own company (i.e. Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation). You bill us and we pay. We also highly recommend that you have insurance just in case the unexpected happens.