Make amazing experiences.

We help you create epic Photo Tours or Workshops.

Photo Tours are exclusive, 5-10 day experiences that are unforgettable adventures, with learning along the way. Workshops are on-location, 2-3 day experiences, that go deep on learning, with some adventuring on the side. You concept the experience, and we help you realize, operate, and market it.

Turn Knowledge Into Income

We invest in you. You bring the knowledge of where to go and how to shoot. We bring everything else including capital, content production, distribution, and customer service. We even create downloadable lessons so each experience creates a long tail of revenue streams for you.

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Meet Interesting People

Your fans already follow you. Now you can deepen those relationships with in person experiences around your favorite subjects and places to visit. You leave stoked. Customers leave with a new found love for photography and travel.

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Travel For Free

Traveling renews the creative spirit. Each experience is on location so it’s a great excuse to revisit your favorite places. Each time you develop a new appreciation for the culture, adventure, and imagery.

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Start With No Upfront Costs

We get your teaching business off the ground, for free. You get your own page on Moment Travel that customers can use to book your experience. We create learning content, market your experience, manage customers, and provide $1M in liability insurance. This lets you focus on what you do best....making an epic experience.

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Meet the Guide Community

Moment guides are full time creatives who bring positive energy and an all-round good vibes to photography travel. They are both knowledgeable and personable. They are the friend you want to travel the world with.


Do I Have To Create My Own Experience?

No. We have existing experiences that need additional guides so we can offer more departure dates.

Where Can I Go?

We are currently supporting Japan, Hong Kong, and the broad Nordic region. We will add more locations in the future.

How Much Do I Make?

We have a revenue share model so the better your experiences do the more you make. We also create downloadable lessons from your experiences to increase your revenue streams. In creating an experience we provide a template so you can calculate how much you’ll make.