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For the van lifers, and jetsetters. These bags are made for traveling comfortably and safely with all the gear you need for your next trip.

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There’s an old saying in Spanish that roughly translates to “the bag you travel with describes who you are” -- meaning your culture, whether you’re well-traveled, and even your social status.

What makes a travel bag the perfect companion to carry your “baggage” while on the go, and where can you find one? Moment’s got the answers to both.

What Makes a Great Travel Bag?

A great travel bag can mean different things to different travelers.

But ultimately, adventurers need a bag comfortable enough for 24/7 use, spacious, for clothes/toiletries, with a compartment for gear like laptops, cameras, lenses, external hard drives, and chargers (standard for mobile creators).

Lastly, travel bags should be tough enough to trek everywhere you do, regardless of what Mother Nature brings on.

Whether you’re camping in the Florida Everglades, hiking through the Bryce Canyons, or attempting to set a record for climbing Machu Picchu, your bag’s integrity shouldn’t be a question.

Types of Travel Bags

At Moment, we don’t carry every travel bag under the sun (you’ll need to stop by your friendly neighborhood Big-box store for that), only the rugged, the efficient, and the best -- from the most trusted brands.

If you're looking for a deep-dive on travel bags, see our full review of the Best Travel Bags & Suitcases for Creatives. If you want actionable highlights, read on.

Travel Backpack

The OG of travel bags offered at Moment is the standard backpack. We say standard because backpacks are commonplace, but the travel backpacks we include in our lineup are anything but standard.

Take the Action X50 by Shimoda. This backpack is an absolute beast for action sports. Designed for photographers who carry a ton of luggage but agile enough to go anywhere the action does. The X50 can effortlessly lug around all your adventure gear, from your camera, tripod, cables, and up to a 15-inch laptop.

It features a height-adjustable harness and removable belt so that it conforms to any height or situation while remaining tight & compact.

Best part? The backpack features multiple entry points for quick access to your belongings without needing to unpack its entire contents like you’re getting randomly selected by the TSA.

Our Action X30, the X50’s little brother, is another non-standard that comes standard in Moment’s lineup of travel bags. This pack is built for photographers who need efficient, fast-access to their gear, while remaining small enough to use as carry on luggage on a flight.

You can get either of these dope backpacks as Starter Kits that include the newest versions of the Shimoda Medium Mirrorless Core Unit in the X30 and Shimoda Medium DSLR Core Unit in the X50 for added storage and organization.

Duffel Bag

Though our travel bags category doesn’t include a suitcase on wheels, we do offer 40 to 60L duffel bags ideal for traveling in a plane, train, truck, car, or flippin’ submarine if that’s what you need to do.

Our duffle bag of choice, the 60L HEXAD Carryall, is more functional than a “standard” duffel bag + more versatile than a typical travel bag. Why? Because it’s highly weather-resistant, ultra-durable, and can alternate between a duffel bag AND backpack. Plus, this bag has 100% waterproof toiletry pockets and a padded laptop sleeve. Try searching for a “duffel bag” as adventure-ready as our HEXAD Carryall. We’re waiting.

Our 40L Mountain Duffel by Topp Designs makes for a perfect weekend-at-the-beach bag that keeps all your expensive gear highly protected with its padded base & and sides and water repellent finish. This heavy-duty bag features dual zippered pockets on either side and multiple shoulder straps for all-day carry.

There you have it, a list of the best travel backpack and duffel bag options we curate for creators on-the-go. Check out all of Moment’s bags, backpacks, slings, and other cases suitable for any mission.

But first, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best travel bags?

The best travel bags provide all-day comfort, are spacious enough to fit your belongings and tech, and are built to travel anywhere the wearer does. Moment is home to some of the best travel bags on the planet, from trusted brands like Shimoda, WANDRD, Topo Designs, and Chrome Industries.

Which travel bag is best for traveling abroad?

The best travel bag for traveling abroad is comfortable and large enough to carry everything you could possibly need (since you’ll be so far from home), compact (because no one wants to schlep a checked bag-sized suitcase on their person), and discreet (especially if you’re unfamiliar with the territory you’re wandering). The Action X30 at Moment is a solid option for traveling abroad.

What size bag do I need for a 10-day trip?

For a 10-day trip, you should have a bag that carries at least 40L like Moment’s HEXAD Carryall duffel bag or the 45L HEXAD Access duffel, both doubling as regular backpacks for added mobility/comfort. If you’re the type who likes to pack extra (or your 10-day trip has a chance of becoming longer), we recommend the 60L version of the Carryall.

What kind of bag can I take on a plane?

According to the latest guidelines by the TSA, the size dimensions of bags allowed on a plane vary by airline, so you’ll have to contact your airline to make sure your bag meets their specific requirements. As a rule of thumb, try not to bring a bag larger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches (though some airlines are more flexible on this). Due to its functionality, the Shimoda X30 makes for a great carry-on bag that can still hold all your adventure gear.

Wrap Up

So as the saying goes, the bag you travel with describes who you are. Are you an adventurer? A trendsetter? A creative who’s serious about your craft and wants a travel companion that matches that sentiment? No matter the statement you want to make, Moment's collection of travel bags makes it for you -- while protecting your gear like nothing else.

If you need assistance selecting a bag that matches your style (and needs), grab one of our Gear Guides to help strap you onto the perfect pouch.