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Moment's entire catalog of audio equipment is curated meticulously by real pros who’ve been there and done that at world-class levels.

Whether you’re a filmmaker, musician, podcaster, or just a demanding audiophile, a quick search through our catalog speaks for itself.

View our lineup of sound equipment and learn how they help creatives of every level accomplish award-winning feats.

We believe we don’t need every piece of AV equipment, just the right ones. Let’s navigate through the best audio equipment of 2021.

Shotgun Microphones

Shotgun microphones are necessary gadgets for capturing high-quality sound pointed in front of them -- isolating the speaker from the crowd. They're the go-to attachment for recording dialogue, foley, and other sound effects for projects like vlogs or films.

All our shotgun mics meet and exceed industry standards. Our inventory includes the best-selling VideoMicro Microphone by RØDE and RØDE VideoMic Pro+, its newer counterpart.

Our lineup of shotgun microphones includes the lightweight Wavo shotgun mic by Joby, durable, powerful, and budget-friendly.

Lavalier Microphones

Lavalier microphones are great for unobtrusively recording high-quality sound from speeches, broadcasts, interviews, and the like. We have a long list of professional-grade lav mics that have shown up in even some of our own viral videos, but they’re so discreet you wouldn’t know it.

Designed for a wide range of film, TV, and broadcast scenarios, the SmartLav+ lavalier mic is a fan-favorite here at Moment. Saramonic’s Wireless Lavalier Microphone is another popular, although much higher-end, system.

Podcast Microphones

Good podcast mics connect the speaker and listener while eliminating auxiliary sounds. If you host a podcast (or are itching to start one), we have a couple of recommendations on premiere podcast microphones.

Shure’s SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Studio Vocal Microphone is a world-class mic great for podcasting or broadcasting, delivering a pure, polished sound to listeners. The RØDE NT-USB Microphone is a versatile mic great for speaking on a podcast or singing in a musical performance.

Headphones & Earbud Cases

When scrubbing through hours of audio while crafting your latest masterpiece or just jamming to your fav chillwave beats on a walk with your dog, Moment’s got options for you.

The SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones from Shure are powerful hi-fi headphones that provide superb sound quality and comfort. Designed for versatility, these can make a perfect addition for creating your best home audio system setup. We also recommend the critically acclaimed ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones (another Moment and crowd favorite) if you need studio cans with ultra-deep and accurate bass response.

Audio Recorders

Of course, that studio wouldn’t be complete without audio recorders to reliably capture sound whether you’re home or sitting under a waterfall in Yosemite. Our Zoom H6 Handy Recorder is hands-down one of the best options for the job, AND it can double as a portable audio interface. The PodTrak P4 Recorder is our favorite budget option. The PodTrak P4's got the flexibility of a mobile phone with the functionality to create professional-quality audio.

Audio Interfaces

If you’re knowledgeable in music studio equipment, then you’re no stranger to audio interfaces. If you’re not, you should still get acquainted with these crucial components in your audio chain.

An audio interface is a tool that routes sound in and out of your computer or mobile device at a much better quality than your computer speaker and mic ever could. If you’re searching for high quality at a low price, you can stop now -- check out the Zoom USB 3.0 Audio Interface.

Audio Cables & Accessories

At Moment, we aim to be the one-stop-shop for all your creative needs. So we wouldn’t consider our audio categories complete unless you could pick up everything needed to attach, connect, hook up, or transfer important data -- sound or otherwise -- to and from your gear to your ear.

Get Expert Help On Moment’s Pro Audio Equipment

We just went through a ton of audio production equipment critical to have on-hand at the studio. But the list is nowhere near exhaustive. You can find well over 100 different items on the site, specifically for sound/audio purposes alone!

From a high-performance sound system meant to pack a tremendous punch, like Audioengine’s A2+ Wireless Desktop Speakers, to smaller-scale nightstand companions such as the Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker from Belkin, we have way too much premium gear to mention in a few hundred words.

If at this point you're feeling a bit intimidated or like you're not sure what you do and don't need, all is well. Moment takes just as much pride in our customer service as we do in our brand. In fact, we feel that they're one and the same.

We’re a community of helpful creatives. Our team of expert Gear Guides will gladly help you navigate the wavy world of sound (and anything else) in a way that works for you.

That can be anything from providing you with helpful information 24/7 to getting you all set up with your new gear -- even if you didn’t buy from us!

And if you did, it gets even better. Most orders come with free shipping and are speedily delivered to your front door so that you can get in the zone as soon as possible.

You can also enroll to one of our in-depth audio courses such as The latest Filmmaker Workshop, our Sound for Filmmakers course, or Audio Basics course.

For now, here are answers to a few common questions.


Where to buy audio equipment?

Looking to buy audio equipment? Moment carries a wide catalog of professional audio equipment suitable for any objective. Find deals on all types of microphones, audio recorders, headphones, audio interfaces, audio cables, audio accessories, and more.

Where to buy used audio equipment?

You can buy used audio equipment at Moment. We hand-inspect every item to ensure that only items in good condition make it on our “Used & Open Box” category.

What are the best headphones for video editors?

The best headphones for video editors are studio monitors that provide unadulterated audio and all-day comfort. At Moment, we love the ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones, but we have a plethora of high-quality headphones for video editors. Explore our catalog now.

Wrap Up

We hope we’ve made it clear what makes shopping for audio equipment at Moment a different kind of experience -- an experience for creatives, by creatives. No matter your level of knowledge or skill set, we've got something for you.

Need more help? All of our Gear Guides are patient, passionate creatives who are eager to assist and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Reach out at to get plugged in.