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All kinds of music are craving to be played on home stereo systems. Wouldn’t it make sense to use the same kind of hi-fi speakers for monitoring and mixing? You'll enjoy a remarkable audio experience when you get the best speakers for your setup. Once you learn more about the available options, you can pick a great solution for your setup. When purchasing speakers it is important to ensure that you will absolutely enjoy music without having to worry about the quality and getting the maximum value for your money.

External Speakers will deliver a balanced sound that will transport you and your friends straight into the action, whether it’s a startling horror flick explosion or the whisper in a captivating drama. These speakers emulate a true-to-life movie theater experience, with action and dialogue coming at you from all directions. Plus, an important bonus? Today’s best speakers are slimmer, sleeker, and stylish than ever.

One of the blessings of technology is speakers for video editing. If you want your sound mixing to be accurate, they are going to come in handy. Still, hankering for knowledge? Give our buying guide a look to learn more about the top speakers for video editing, and it may work for you!

How to Choose the Best Speakers setup

Create a setup to suit your entertainment

Speaker configurations are uniquely suited to the type of audio you'll listen to. If you're interested in how your music collection sounds, you'll want to purchase quality left and right stereo speakers. For movies, you can expand your setup by creating a surround sound environment with a receiver and additional speakers that offer an immersive home theater experience.

What else is in the room?

The space you'll place your speakers will affect the sound quality. Hard surfaces like windows and wood floors will reverberate sound, which can distort the audio by amplifying your speaker power or canceling out the sound. Softer surfaces like drapes and carpeting can absorb sound, and irregular surfaces like bookcases will diffuse (spread out) sound.

Portable speakers offer you placement flexibility, so you can enjoy music in any room while traveling or at an outdoor party. Some portable speakers also feature a rechargeable battery, so you don't need to be near an outlet to listen, making it even easier to take your music on the go.

Trust your ears

Each person appreciates a different part of the audio experience. Have you ever had a friend adjust your car audio settings and you can't understand what's wrong with him? The same is true with your home speaker setup. Take some time to understand what it is that you appreciate: smooth sound, bright tones, heavy bass?

Speakers positioning done right

If we assume that during task one, you're doing nothing but plugging them in and waiting, the most time you'll spend getting your machine to sound right will be with positioning.

Take your time in this section. Small changes in place can have a major impact on the sonic balance.

The closer your speakers are to the back wall, the more bass you'll hear; the farther apart they are, the less low end you'll hear, but the more compelling stereo imaging you'll get.

Though rear-ported speakers – those with a reflex port firing backward – are more susceptible to proximity to a rear wall, this should be a balance rather than a compromise.

Avoid putting your speakers in a corner if at all possible. It might be convenient in terms of room, but you'll almost certainly get fat, lumpy bass, which will skew the overall sound balance.

The angle of the speakers has a major impact on imaging. Most speakers sound best when toed in toward your preferred listening spot, which should be equidistant from each speaker for optimal sound dispersion. Some companies (such as Dali) build their products to shoot straight ahead.

Passive or Active?

Aside from the floor standing/bookshelf divide, you'll be able to choose between passive, active, or driven speakers. Here's a quick rundown of the different types:

Passive – The vast majority of speakers on the market today are passive, so expect to come across a lot of them when looking for your ideal speakers. Instead of producing sound on their own, passive speakers depend on an amplifier to do so. A crossover directs the signal to separate drivers in passive speakers.

Powered – Powered speakers have their own amplifier built-in. This necessitates the use of a separate power supply for active speakers.

Active – Active speakers have their own built-in amplifier, which divides the signal into frequency bands and amplifies it from inside the cabinet before sending it to individual drivers. This necessitates the use of a separate power supply for active speakers.

Active speakers have several benefits, including the fact that they do not need a separate amplifier to operate. As a result, your total device purchasing cost will be lower, and your Hi-Fi setup will be more portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an External Speaker worth investing in?

It depends on how much weight you give to audio. Do you like music and want it to sound great? Then a good stereo system is well worth the money. You must also be willing to put in the effort to get it sounding good and study the gear and device you want. Sure, if you like music, have good ears, and want to learn how to listen to music and decode a few stupid super-secret words like distortion, presence, boxiness, and stridency, and what they mean in a system and musical output.

Once all is set up and ready to go, you'll hear deeper bass, cleaner, airier highs, and a larger, potentially more realistic soundstage.

Which brands do you carry?

We carry solutions for better sound effects by Audioengine and Belkin in our store for the Speakers with a starting price of $199. They allow us to provide you with a wide range of options to choose from, from different colors, sizes, and wireless connections to mobile devices. So, if you need an External Amplifier from these brands, we got you covered.

Is it important to invest in Stereo Speakers Stands?

If you think you're sitting comfortably now? Your speakers, on the other hand, would like to.

You may have purchased anything labeled as a "bookshelf," but the support upon which your speakers rest, like their surroundings, is critical. Invest in some high-quality speaker stands. The quality of a stand-mount speaker's support is critical to its success, and this is another place where you should not cut corners.

If you've chosen floor standing speakers, make sure the spikes are in place; if you have wooden floors, you'll most likely have been given coin-shaped pieces to place the spikes on to prevent scratching the boards. Using real coins if you don't have any of those. Now that you've spent all of your earnings, you're probably down to pennies.

Even if that seems self-evident, there's a chance you haven't thought about speaker cables.

Some people overlook the importance of high-quality wiring entirely or are tempted to save a few pennies. Please do not do so. Believe us when we say that investing in a good speaker cable is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your audio system.

What's Hi-Fi?

Take the leap into a better world and upgrade your home audio to hi-fi. We carry brilliant budget hi-fi speakers which will fill your room with sweet stereo music far better than any worktop wireless box.

A tight budget may rule out flagship technologies and expensive materials (and the flawless sonic performance that goes with them, of course), but it's amazing how good sound quality can be at this level. In fact, we're often shocked by the arrival of these amazing new smart speakers that manage to squeeze out even more performance for the investment.

With a spectacular extraordinary acoustic architecture combined with fast wireless charging and award-winning design to create a high-performing smart speaker for your home and you can also use Google Assistant or Alexa (with AirPlay2) as an easier way to enjoy music and more – just with your voice.

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Combining their extraordinary acoustic architecture with award-winning stylish designs to create a high-performing smart speaker for your home, speakers always play an important role for creators. And we tried to cover it all here - including the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

However, if you still have a tough time selecting the best possible Sound Speakers for your set, feel free to reach out to one of our Gear Guides. You can tell them about your needs, and they'll guide you through the selection process. Also, they will give you personalized recommendations based on your usage. We have an amazing team there who is always ready to help.