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We started Moment in 2014 to make your phone a better camera. We believed future of photography began in your pocket and what we missed on our phones was better glass. And so four of us got together, made prototypes, and put them on Kickstarter

This was the beginning of our journey. Three years later it has grown from four to over 20 people and from attachment lenses to a much bigger vision….To empower creatives.

We’ve come to realize that our purpose goes beyond the creatives shooting on Moment to include the entire Moment team. Because in order to build a startup you have to be a creative. Regardless of role the creation of a company with its culture, products, services, and experiences requires a deep understanding of the creative process.

Selfishly, we hope this program creates future Moment team members. But realistically we can’t hire everyone, so our primary motivation for creating this program is to inspire you to start a company or join a fellow startup.

How It Works

The Moment Apprenticeship program is a 10 week program. 

To teach you the craft we pair you with a mentor and give you real Moment projects that we expect you to ship. This is not a babysitting program. Instead we will teach how to distill problems, create solutions, and ship your work. Learning to ship is a key component of improving.

To teach you about startups we have a weekly session with our CEO to learn how to move from an idea to a sustainable company. These will be hour long workshops to teach you the basics on starting a company.

What You Work On

Real Moment projects. 

The company is organized into three teams and each team is constantly creating and shipping new projects. Each project starts with a brief, which is broken apart into actionable items and delivered by multiple people within the team. You will be part of this process in first executing existing projects and then hopefully creating / executing a project of your own.

Examples of the types of projects we have recently shipped:

  • Designing, engineering, and producing Moment 2.0 products.

  • Moment Films, Season 2.

  • Moment vlog series.

  • A new Moment shopping experience.

  • Better getting started content.

  • New App burst mode features.


What You Learn

In addition to the work, we have developed a basic startup curriculum from our own experience in starting companies. Whether you join the Moment team or not we hope that you have the courage to start a company or join a startup.

Here is what you can expect to learn:

Week 1 - Understanding what problems you care about.

Week 2 - Interviewing potential customers.

Week 3 - Mapping a customer journey.

Week 4 - Distilling the journey to a single problem.

Week 5 - Prototyping.

Week 6 - Getting feedback, improving, and finding more feedback.

Week 7 - Launching your product.

Week 8 - Cultivating customer interest.

Week 9 - Finding your first team.

Week 10 - Pitching your company.

Another way to learn this content is to sign up for the free YC Combinator startup school. It’s less hands on, but incredibly valuable information.


What Roles We Have

The First Apprenticeship Program Is Full

The first season includes three roles and we have now fill them all. We plan to start working on season two in a few months so if interested in future programs definitely apply and we will get back to you when the second season starts.

  • Industrial Designer

  • UX designer

  • Video producer


What Is The Time Commitment

Minimum expectation is 20 hours per week. Maximum is 40 hours per week.


What You Get Paid

$15 per hour.

When you start a company, you earn $0 per hour. If your initial idea becomes a product, maybe you make minimum wage. If your product becomes a company, you’ll hopefully get a salary that lets you move out of your parent’s place.


When Does It Start

We don’t have a fixed start date. We’ve found that people can start at different times during the year. Instead, we have a list of open apprenticeships, and when they fill up, they are closed until we have the next opening.

If you want to be updated about when new openings happen, sign up here.


Where Do I Need To Live

Wherever you want as long as you live in Seattle during the apprenticeship.

Eventually we would like to open up the program to all the cities that you can find Moment team members: Seattle, NYC, LA, Kansas City, Boston, and Springfield. But for now we want to keep it in the city that your Moment Mentor lives.


How Applicants Are Selected


First we will look at applications based on the following:

  • Your passion for mobile photography.

  • Your willingness to publish your work.

  • The thoughtfulness in the idea you pitch.

  • What you want to improve at.

  • Your desire to start a company or join a startup.

Second we will call a few applicants to chat on the phone.

Lastly we will reward the spot to the person we think is the best fit for Moment and the person we can best help to improve at their craft.


Who Should Apply

If you are looking for a regular summer job, a resume builder, a check box, a neat company, a few hours of work, or lots of money...please don’t apply. 

If you’re dying to work your ass off, be challenged, learn a lot, and get better at your craft, then please apply. We don’t care if you have a traditional educational background or not. We also don’t care if you are still in school or switching careers. We just care that you share our passion for photography and an obsession to improve every single day at your craft


How Do I Apply

The First Apprenticeship Program Is Full

We will begin working on the second season at the end of July. If interested pick the role below, check the requirements, and submit your application. We will get back to you at the end of July.

Normally we’d say submit a resume but we are assuming that you are early in developing your craft so looking at a bunch of blank resumes isn’t fun. Instead we created a simple form that tells us about you, lets us see your work, and understand your interest in Moment. Think of it as a coffee date.

There are a few requirements we are expecting for each role.


UX Designer

We are looking for someone passionate about photography, user experience design, and solving problems through design. You will work on distilling problems, designing solutions, working with engineers to ship your work, and an analyst to measure success.


  • You have your own laptop you can use for the apprenticeship.

  • Can develop UX solutions through research, sketches, prototypes wireframes and designs.

  • Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and/or Sketch.

  • Clear point-of-view and eager to learn.

Apply Here

Industrial Designer

We are looking for someone passionate to find new product solutions for our customers. You will work on ideating, concepting and developing new accessories for our Mobile Photography range of products. 


  • You have your own laptop you can use for the apprenticeship.

  • You know how to use 2D drawing SW (Adobe Creative Suite).

  • Experience with 3D SW is even better.

  • You have some form of a portfolio you can show us including notes about the process you used.

Apply Here



We are looking for an up and coming filmmaker who is eager to learn how to produce content for The Momentist. You will work on ideating, creating videos, and learning how to push them to our content. You will get exposure to a variety of video content formats from short form (sub 60 second) entertainment content to long form, product explanation videos.


  • You have your own laptop (MacBook Pro preferred) that you can use for the apprenticeship.

  • You know how to shoot video with your phone and a DSLR camera.

  • Understanding of camera functions (shutter speed, frame rate, aperture and white balance).

  • You have experience with Adobe Creative Suite (mostly Premiere Pro) and an understanding of color grading.

Apply Here

More apprenticeships coming soon

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